[A] Nemesis1/7 HM LFM Range dps, Resto shamy

Recruiting to fill out ranks as we work on Heroic modes. In need of committed mature raiders who enjoy pushing numbers and giving our tanks headaches. Looking for Shadow priest, Hunter, Warloc. Resto shaman is also open for recruitment.

Raid times 7-10pm server Monday-Thursday. We use loot council to distribute loot to promote progression of the raid. We require players to have a stable internet connection and computer with a couple addons. If you'd like information or to put in an app please contact us at www.mynemesis.net or in game through officers, Velasca, lisamac, pinotnoir and myself.

Need some great players that want to progress in heroic modes.
Bump for a great group of guys!

Also, hai!
Don't raid so damn late and we'd come back.. :(

We need to get into your weekend alts raids though so look us up!
now we 3/13 for hm
Bumpity bump.

Need to replace Velena, I'm thinking 3 boomies stacked on top of one another in a trench coat, asap
I like pizza.
Now 2/7 heroic in Firelands. Fun times! Need a few more epic dps!
I miss you vel D:
5/7 HM, if you can out dps me the job is yours.
Demo Locks? :)
On paper everyone should be able to beat an Unholy DK............bring it lets see what ya got.
Bumpy Bump Bump!

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