[Mut] PVP Guide to assassination

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I found lots of guides and suggestions for people playing subtlety but none of them for mutilate, so this guide is for all you guys who cant seem to grasp sub and might want to try something different. First off let me start by saying if you hate being stuck sometimes doing nothing for your team, this is probably not the spec for you. Competent players WILL use their cooldowns to keep you at bay, and wizard cleaves can win really easily if you make even the slightest mistake in positioning, cooldown management, and overall playing. It is easy to reach 2.2k+ with mutilate. You need to find decent teammates however, and will be less able to carry them than if you were sub. Now for the actual meat.

Here it becomes personal preference. You do slightly more damage by rolling instant main deadly OH, but i prefer deadly main instant offhand for the shiv'ing of crippling poison. Mind numbing goes on the throwing, no exceptions.

Talents and Glyphs:
You will want to go 31 / 2 / 8 picking up elusiveness if you feel like you cant survive without that lowered cd's on vanish / blind / cloak, and going full opportunity if you feel like saying screw it.

Mut glyph is a necessity, the other viable glyphs are rupture, slice and dice, and vendetta. I personally run rupture and slice and dice, as I probably wont be getting to hit them for 30 seconds anyway, so why add an extra 6 seconds.

For major glyphs you need garrote glyph and blind, and the third one is your preference between imp sprint and imp FoK.
Minor glyphs dont really matter, but pick up the distract glyph as it could have an actual impact in-game.

MAKE SURE YOU PUT AT LEAST ONE SPELL PEN GEM IN THERE! I would recommend putting it in the gloves as that will give you +10 agi as a bonus. Mastery and agi in the yellow slots, agi in the red, and agi/hit in the blue slots. I personally sometimes just jam agi reds into the yellow slots that give resilience bonuses, such as the boots because i feel like i want more damage. I feel that although resilience stacking is like armoring your guy up, you are going mutilate, so you might as well not do that since you have deadened nerves. Instead, opt for the "armor piercing rounds" of mastery stacking, and obliterate your resilienced targets.

Ideally you will want to maximize agi and mastery, so get those enchants. This next part is important so listen up... Enchant your cloak with SPELL PENETRATION. Thats right... 70 spell pen to cloak is what you want. "But why would i want this #@*@ty enchant when i could be getting more mastery / haste or whatever dumb facking thing i want on it??" Your dps comes from poison damage, AKA NATURE DAMAGE, AKA SPELL DAMAGE. Get this or go home.

Stats in general
Make sure you have 5% hit first, then follow this guideline.
Priority goes agi > mastery > resilience > haste > crit.
I only rank resilience above haste because you shouldnt ever be trying to get more haste, as mastery has much better returns.
EDIT*** mastery also affects venomous wounds if im not mistaken, making it doubly good.

i have dedicated a special section to this because most people probably want to know the "rotation". This is simply a guideline, there is no rotation for pvp. Your burst will basically consist of getting 5 deadly poison stacks rolling on the target, dropping him to around 80% with your dps, MAKE SURE RUPTURE AND SLICE AND DICE ARE ROLLING (try to get one if you cant seem to get both), getting 3 or 4 combo points -> vanish-> garrote -> kidney shot -> vendetta -> trinket -> smokebomb - > mut -> mut -> cb -> envenom mut mut envenom. This should all be done in around 2-3 seconds and will force almost every cooldown they have if done correctly. The entire match will focus around you forcing cooldowns until you can reach this point and seal the deal, or dropping the guy so fast the healer has no time to react. This is your bread and butter, learn it, love it, live it.

General Gameplan:
You should try and pick targets you can reliably beat on, and ones that will have trouble if someone is hitting them constantly.
Prey -
Warriors, these guys are your bread and butter in terms of prime targets for the @*@@#%. Since their main form of damage mitigation is the plate they wear, these guys will eat *!@! 9 out of 10 times to your combo.

Priests - a harder kill but still droppable nonetheless, these guys are sittin ducks and will usually have problems escaping you.

Warlocks - If you train a UA warlock, he isnt going to be putting out much damage, and thus you will win the mana war. Also by forcing him to use his mana to survive, he wont be able to life-tap and keep his dps going on everyone.

Druids - Out of tree-form, these guys die hilariously fast. Usually cc them until they blow a trinket, then a hard swap into the burst will down them.
Iffy targets :
Dks- these guys can anti-magic shell and anti-magic zone to avoid / absorb most of your poison damage and you wont be able to apply more stacks of deadly when they use it. Hitting into the AMS will give them runic power, and thats never good. Leaving the Dk alone is usually easier. If you manage to silence them and stun, you can put out a lot of damage b4 they are able to use their cooldowns, hence they are under the "iffy" category.

Paladins - These guys will melt, but their sprint will allow them to escape you every now and then. With a gigantic toolset, these guys are @%@*ing annoying at worst, godly plate healing machines at best. Still do-able as you can lock them down eventually but it will take a while.

Shamans - these guys can go either way. If he fake-casts a lot this wont be pretty. Decked shamans can pretty much survive on earth shield for a really long time and one heal will put them back up to full. They are much easier to cc and focus the DPS or spread around the damage then force a swap onto them after they trinket the cc (they arent the greatest group healers but their single target heals are downright brutal).

Hunters - If they are focusing you, this is a terrible target to choose, but if he is trying to cc you while hitting your teammate, by all means ride this guy like white on rice. With competent dispels he will find himself having to blow a lot of cooldowns to survive or simply dying.

Mages - Same story as the hunters, these guys are a nightmare to target if they have you in mind for killing, but with dispels you can beat on them all day long and they will eventually run out.

Not the greatest choice to hit :
Other rogues - these !*#%!!*s have so much self heals and mitigation and if they are sub that cloak is going to be ruining your day by removing all your poisons. Still an alright target if nothing else is close.
EDIT***** : if you choose to focus a rogue, make sure you exhaust both his vanishes before applying vendetta, or it will be removed if he vanishes. Most Assass rogues make the mistake of not waiting for me to vanish, and then I can just remove 20% of their increased damage.

Feel free to leave any suggestions in comments and i will edit them in later. Feeback is appreciated.

This will almost always be a garrote, however if you find they are running away because you opened to early or you cant stop them in place and make them dismount earlier, then you will want to cheap shot. Remember to save vanish, as it is critical to getting that overkill buff rolling again when you want to set up your burst. Generally you will want to sap the target who will be the hardest to cc with w/e combo you have.
Cheapshot and gouge are your friends. Reckful's video [http://www.skill-capped.com/watch/6450/control-by-reckful] on control pretty much applies here. You will want to peel hard some times and you can also put out enough damage with your burst to force a break-off of dps and force defensive cd's from the opponents. Instead of recuperating the extra points off of the peel, you will want to rupture the guy you just peeled off, or slice and dice if you do not have it rolling. Rupture is crucial, you want venomous wounds flowing in and giving you energy to increase the potency of your bursts. Think of rupture on 1-2 targets + a garrote somewhere as a really buff improved recovery for assassination. Generally speaking, the more ruptures you have rolling, the more burst you can do on command. Which brings me to another point.

Combo point usage:
ONLY RECUPERATE IF THEY ARE HITTING YOU. this is a waste of combo points if no one is beating on you and you want to maximize your points since you dont build them as easily as sub. Make sure you are using most of your combo points on kidney shots, and then the envenoms following them. Hitting pets for combo points against wizard cleaves and people kiting you is acceptable if you are being starved and need to get your recup up.

Synergy and teammate choice
If you have a mage with you I would recommend sticking to sub and learning it, but with a warlock I think mutilate works nicely. Make sure you have a healer that can afford to dispel a lot and on command, as that is what applies the most pressure. I reccomend priests and shamans for this, but druids and paladins work well too.

What is it? Focus allows you to be able to effectively target a second player while still targeting the first. This is where it starts to get harder, but you should really look into creating focus macros for your blind and kicks, maybe even a gouge focus macro. The focus will generally be going on the healer, and you definitely dont want them knowing the blind is coming or they can react accordingly. By not even showing you as clicking on them, it will hit them as a suprise.

Slice and Dice:
Ok I have seen numerous people complaining about not having this rolling, so I'm going to dedicate a small chunk to this one ability. First off, my beef with it. A waste of combo points in a lot of situations if you are being kited. Hard to really keep up unless you are training someone hard. Usually there are better options at that moment. Now the upsides - Easy to put up if you just had to peel someone other than the kill target. A very nice dps boost. If you are allowed to train a guy (this almost never happens) easily refreshable and helps put pressure. Maximizes your possible damage and burst opportunities by adding loads of extra poison procs.
When to use it :
1) No one is bothering to cc you and they seem to think you arent a threat. Go full pve mode at this point and start dropping pianos on these fools.
2) You just peeled using a shiv or a cheapshot or a mutilate to apply crippling, now you have extra combo points. You dont generate combo points as easily as sub, so what do you do with them? Slice N Dice em away or kidney the guy. *Note* that envenoming your main kill target after this is probably a smart move, even if it is one combo point, just to get your slice and dice to full duration.
3) THERE IS NO THIRD CHOICE THAT IS THE "ONLY" TIME TO USE IT. (now I put only in quotes because I'm sure you guys are probably smarter than me, and can think of a third place where slice and dice would be beneficial).

EDIT FOR THAT ONE GUY : keep this up as a general rule of thumb, against most teams you will be alowed to refresh and keep this rolling with Cut to the Chase and the dps boost is pretty huge with all the added poison procs.
Step one. Respec.
03/07/2011 10:11 AMPosted by Spriestlol
Step one. Respec.

D!ck haha

Thanks to everyone who helped by offering constructive criticism, you really helped out. Don't stop searching for errors, there is still more to add.
Hmm..... I never have much trouble in a 1v1 against MUT rogues, but you may very well just be better than average.

Otherwise, great guide. I am leveling my rogue (he is 83 right now) and plan to try PvP with him. Thanks for guide!
i agree with pretty much everything you said. well done. lots of mastery = ouch on poisen ticks not to mention rupture can give you energy too
bumping to make sure all the rogues unsure of what to do can see this.
Thanks. May be useful one day. I like to nurse my leveling....
I just wanted to point out a possibility, If you have 5 stacks of DP on your current target, if you Shiv, DP reapplies causing IP to proc, causing Crippling. This is less certain than running with IP to ensure a Crip proc, however, it still works. Food for thought.
Having Deadly on the MH, won't that cause Gouge to proc the poison?
is expertise needed in pvp if so how much is cap
No I do not believe any expertise is needed for anything with an assasination spec at this time, and otherwise great guide! I've been leveling since level 65 as mut. I went that way because I hated the way sub played and ive never looked back since.
The Guide for Mutilate was like made in WOTLK. Pretty sure the playstyle hasn't changed for it...
03/08/2011 12:04 AMPosted by Atx
is expertise needed in pvp if so how much is cap

not for assassination.
03/07/2011 7:16 PMPosted by Meh
Having Deadly on the MH, won't that cause Gouge to proc the poison?

i believe it will not proc poisons as long as you dont add white hits to your gouge. There may be a slight possibility but then again you are only using the gouge to peel for so long anyway, so 1 less second doesnt really matter at that point. It is simply to get him off your healer / w/e you peeled for
When you reference reckful's video it might be helpful for some to put a link. Just a suggestion
03/08/2011 10:30 AMPosted by Yesimdisc
When you reference reckful's video it might be helpful for some to put a link. Just a suggestion

getting 3 or 4 combo points -> vanish-> garrote -> kidney shot -> vendetta -> trinket -> smokebomb - > cb -> envenom mut mut envenom.. I would change this.. put vendetta before your garrote and generally dont go for a kill unless trinket is down. Make sure you keep snd/rupture up as much as possible.. Generally an opener should go vendetta - > garrote - > 1 pt rupture - > PRAY for proc 1 point snd - > then envenom to refresh snd.. out of the envenom.. mut to full cps then pool energy to full before you Kidney shot into muts/cb envenoms.
03/08/2011 1:52 PMPosted by Ave
. I would change this.. put vendetta before your garrote and generally dont go for a kill unless trinket is down

see thats the beauty of mutilate though, i CAN go for the kill if they have trinket up. I will force pretty much every last defensive cd they have in one go, then its a trivial matter to set up the kill from there.

03/08/2011 1:52 PMPosted by Ave
Make sure you keep snd/rupture up as much as possible

see thats a novel idea, but generally you can afford to let it fall every now and then since you wont be beating on the same guy all the time. Tunneling people hard works up until a certain point, after which you cant just keep on training the same guy and expect results. Remember you arent PVE'ing people to death but rather setting up the kill for later on through use of well-managed cooldowns. Slice and dice can almost always be a kidney or a rupture instead, not to mention envenoms. 1 combo point slice and dices are smart tho

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