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03/16/2011 5:23 PMPosted by Lolblizzid
How come the OP says OOL killed Al'akir in 25m HM?

It was originally meant to be an 'open square' but I forgot to check what the key code was for that and simply forgot! We don't have a dedicated 10 man raiding group, just some alt runs that we do occasionally and it seemed ridiculous to put a line up that only had OoL listed with a full square for Al'akir.

Everything else is updated to this point.
<Peons> killed Heroic Halfus today
Oh Hello,

<Batlegroins> takes down 10 man Nefarian or whatever.
Intrigue downs
M - Magmaw
O - Omnotron Defense System
L - Maloriak
A - Atramedes

25 man!!!
Hi Hothgor

If you could update our guilds info with the raid times?

7:30pm to 11pm server time.

Also Cleave is at 1/13 25 man Hardmodes (Halfus of course)

Thanks boss
Heroic Atramedes.
<FTA> killed Heroic Magmaw with 10.
Yoda Stick has downed the following in 10 man regular:
Ascendant Countil
Intrigue downed Halfus, Valiona, and Council 25m.

Also, we are now a 25m guild, please update our guild info =).
Convicted went in and cleaned up 25man Al'Akir, 12/12 normal, 2HM's (halfus and chim)
Errata downed Maloriak last week, Magmaw last night in 25 heroic.
Convicted gets HM Atramedes 25
Intrigue downed Conclave and Chimaeron 25m.
Police Brutality has killed Cho'gall so we should be 10/12

Also we now have a website Police-Brutality.guildportal.com
You can remove Antagonist from the list as the guild was disbanded.
tcf and enervate are gone too
Terra Firma has killed 10m Chimaeron.

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