[Cataclysm] Progression/Guild Listing

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Familia downs Madness of Deathwing 10 man tonight!
5/8 HM!
Heroic Hagara
<Dogmatic> has killed 7/8. Just killed spine tonight.
Seriously, let's leave it to progression kills and not progression QQs.They exploited, they got banned/paid their time, they're killing bosses, you're killing bosses... Move on, don't get your purple panties in a twist.
Updated to here. Kindly remove your off-topic posts now so the moderators do not have too do it for you.
Why did you mark your progression as 25 man? You don't just inherit those kills when you finally start 25s tonight.

Look at how they are marked.
Sanctus downs Yor'sahj heroic. Also need a correction on the front page Sanctus is no longer a 25man moved down to 10.
Iconoclast downed Heroic Morchok
The Panic Attacks - Horde 25m - Downed heroic Morchok. Has normal mode DS cleared.

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