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Guild Type: 25 PvE, PvP - 10 man alt and RBG
Website: http://www.apireguild.guildomatic.com
Leadership: Rockmonster, Lazslo

Transferred to Stormreaver 1/19/2012

T 13 1/8 Heroic 25
T 12 6/7 Heroic 25
T 11 11/13 Heroic 25
T 10 11/12 Heroic 25
T 9 5/5 Heroic 25
<Overdosed> group 1 has Heroic Hagara and heroic Ultraxion down. (5/8 HM)
Heroic Ultraxion 25m down
H Morchok 25m down (1/8 25hm)
Iconoclast has downed 10-man HM Ultraxion.
please update scientific method to 8/8 DS normal 25 man and 10 man we cleared the instance last week in 25 man and are working on heroics now.
Please add:

<Cadia> (Alliance)
Guild Type: PvE Progression 10 man
Website: cadia.guildlaunch.com
Leadership: Vimmi, Reletheioss, Bigmethod, Skullmann

2 independent raid groups
RT1: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-10ST
RT2: Friday/Saturday 6-10ST

Progression 8/8+1/8 HM DS 10
As of yesterday, Overdosed (group 1) has 6/8 heroic.
25M Heroic Blackhorn down
Scientific Method is 1/8HM Dragon Soul 25man. We killed Morchok.

The website has changed as well. It is now http://sciencemethod.guildportal.com.
Panic Attacks downs Heroic Warlord Zon
hm spine
Axion - Heroic Morchok Down.
Iconoclast downed 10man HM Zon'ozz

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