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Imperium hasn't been updated in a long time.

We've killed 10M Al'Akir, and finished up 10M Bastion, and are on Nef in 10man.
Sinestra DOWN!!!!!
03/28/2011 5:55 PMPosted by Hothgor
Sinestra DOWN!!!!!

You mother fu....

03/28/2011 7:36 PMPosted by Amalyth
Sinestra 25 deadpoop.

Congrats guys! Even though I wasn't here for this entire tier of progression, I sincerely enjoyed the competition. You guys really lit a fire under our butts when you got Council+Cho'gall down so quickly. I know I for one am looking forward to the next progression tier, and I hope we have just as much fun then as we did now!
Convicted gets HM Maloriak 25
HM Maloriak 10.
The Rebel Knights downed 10 man Al'Akir regular.
<Apex>, a transfer from Drak’tharon, and <Identified as Trouble> have reformed as <Vindictive Legion>. Our first week has yielded 3/13 and all normal content down for 25m.

(A) Vindictive Legion [●][●] [●][●][●][■][■][●] [■][●][●][●][ ] 15
Valhalla hasn't been updated yet.

We are 12/12 10 man, 10/12 25 Man (Still missing Nef and Al'Akir.)
We are back into the swing of things and now 9/12 10 man. Thanks!

* forgot to say it was Ascendant Council
Hit it like you mean it is stepping back into the game with 2 more 25man kills to push as along.

Atramedes 25 and Chimaeron 25 and down.

<Vindictive Legion>, Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

H-Mal down...

H Maloriak 10 went down. That took way too long.
Convicted gets HM Magmaw 25
Valhalla downed Nef 25 tonight.

With 23...
Lzuruha has down 25 normal Cho' Gal
Intrigue downed Chogall 25m
Heroic Magmaw 10.
<Batlegroins> taeks down heroic halfass and chimeraeons. pushed their %!*# in with our giant batlegroins.

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