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My fps in game is usually the high 60's and i can play the game more than fine but since 3/6/11 my game will be fine one minute then drop down to 4 fps. I tried everything i could think of. I turned off all my addons and tried that still the same problem. I will be fine for quite a while, then go join a battleground and have a fps of 4-8 and thats no fun. ANy help that anyone can give me will be very appreciative. Thank you.
Often, this behavior is heat-related. You may want to try the SMCFanControl software found here:

This will allow you to manually monitor temps and adjust your fan speeds accordingly.

Also, try typing this into your in-game chat:

/console maxfps 30

That will limit the load on your video card, hopefully keeping it cooler.

If all of the above fails, I would recommend running the Apple Hardware Test. You will need to have the original disc your computer was shipped with mounted in the drive. Hold down the "D" key while rebooting to get into the Apple Hardware Test from the choices.

I'd recommend an extended test of all hardware, looping if that's possible. That will let us know for sure if there are any hardware problems. If it reports any hardware issues, you'll want to contact a local Apple Service Provider to address those.
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If you are running a laptop you can by a "cooling pad" from around $30-$50 bucks. They work like a dream at keeping the computer cool while playing WOW.

I personally do not recommend overriding your internal fans with software to save a few dollars on not buying a cooling pad.

It is much cheaper to buy a cooling pad than it is to go have have your internal fans replaced because you burned them out early running them at warp speed all the time instead of letting the OS control the fan speed.

While increasing the RPM speed of the fans in MacBook (Pro) can make the laptop and notebook cooler, however, it will consume more power and thus reduce the battery life slightly. And it could shorten the life of the fans too, and the noise of the fan will be louder slightly too.

Dropping the shadow quality and liquid quality, reducing ground clutter, and turing off sun shafts cna greatly improve performance without losing a lot of "eye candy" in quality of the appearance of the game.
fps cap also sensible

high 60s is pointless, even on my high end mac i cap at 60 cause there really is no reason to run higher then that. The rendering in game itself is designed to cap at 60, look at fog or clouds for example, those rendering at 120fps look really stupid. on a lapop you may go loewr cap of 40 or 50 too.
any cooling pads that you suggest Wock?
i noticed this happening a lot to me as well since patch 4.0.6 when i enter certain areas (eg: when i enter valley of strength from the drag from the tunnel behind grommash hold)
Wock i tried what yuo said. No more problems Thank you sir.
Good to here it worked! Sorry for the late response.

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