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About Us:

Adelante is a 25 man raiding guild located on the Arthas (PvP EST) server. We've been an established guild since Vanilla. We're a tight knit guild that raids 3 days (12 hours) a week.

Website - http://www.adelante-guild.com/

Progression: 4/6 (H) 6/6 4/4

Recruiting: ALL EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS FOR MOP...Especially Healers at this point, and Plate DPS.


Raid Schedule:

We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST

Invites go out about 15 minutes prior.


Loot Distribution:

In the past we always used DKP, since MoP's tiered layouts and Elder Charms of Good Fortune changed so much we've been experimenting with Loot Council - factors in loot distribution include performance, attendance, what you're replacing, and recent upgrades. Raiders always have loot priority over trials during the trial period usually lasting 1-2 weeks.


Our Expectations:

We expect every player to show up on time, come prepared, and possess general knowledge of their class/spec along with the encounters.

Your willingness to interact with others and overall attitude will also be observed throughout your trial period. We put a lot of effort into providing a comfortable raiding environment. We have fun with what we do, and we do our best to make everyone feel "at home".
Knowledge of how to get the most out of what you've been provided with is ideal here in <Adelante>. In other words, you should be striving to improve at all times. Socketing/Enchanting your gear properly, and keeping yourself up to date on any of your class changes is REQUIRED. Theorycrafting is always a plus. We will always seek out players that min/max.

We do require an 80% ATTENDANCE RATE at the very least. If you feel that you wouldn't be able to uphold your attendance or have any issues with our raiding schedule, then this is most likely not the guild for you.


We're looking for both dedication and experience in our applicants. When filling out an application, remember that it'll be your first impression.

Apply @ http://www.adelante-guild.com/


Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact us personally if you have any concerns. Any other information can be found directly on our website. You may also send a message or mail to one of us in game if you're looking to get in touch.

Guild Master: Spinachdip
Officers: Pesca, Tokudred, Iggi, Trandik, Dargonform
I heard you were a bunch of frenchies.
03/13/2011 7:51 PMPosted by Flavorflav
I heard you were a bunch of frenchies.

God no.
03/17/2011 9:16 AMPosted by Syrilia

let me put it in your bump girl
lookingggggggggg for:


we have 3-4 people on prot tokens per raid @ most.. lol wooooooo

do we have to be level 85 to apply?
you can be level 10 but if you're in the bus you get denied. Unless you're Evoshima of course.
Pdot <3's me!
that cuts deep pdot
Need a lock that doesn't mind speccing demo full time, or an ele shammy!
Stop being lazy and update this, we're 5/13 now.
03/29/2011 9:51 AMPosted by Gloinn
Stop being lazy and update this, we're 5/13 now.

6/12hm.. tim stop slacking

ps. my hair looks great
bump. just changed. sorry :P
gloinn once propositioned me with goblin sex and I turned him down.

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