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Bump for testing Force of Nature resto edition in LFR. Why are you trolling me so hard Blizzard? stahp pls
bamp - recruit for league of leg- er, world of warcraft raiding.
Bump! We've also go a small group of members who are fairly active in PvP if that's your sort of thing on off-raid nights.
I want chicken I want liver
Still needs plate dps, heals, and all flavors of monks!
Recruiting all sorts of players! We are still recruiting for all monk specs, plate dps, and heals!!! Spots are competitive so even if we're not looking for a specific spec, you're more than welcome to come and try out for a spot on the team.
Still recruiting!
Need monks of all flavors! We have no monks atm, the positions are wide open! Come snag a spot. Our prot tokens are going to waste on offspec and soon enough they'll be taken for off-off specs! Heals and plate dps still in high demand!
We need monks, mages, and heals - or anyone who is suitably geared and wants to raid!

PST anyone in guild for info or check www.adelante-guild.com
Mages, any kind of monks, and healers por favor!
8-11 now!
To the top!
bump, still in need of healers and deeeeeeeeeeps
We need some healers for serious!
Still need reliable heals and dps!
Always need reliable heals and dps...
Now looking for a resto druid, rogue, and any/all reliable raiders!

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