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Just because you're French. I thought the French liked Moustaches?

<---- Just look at it!!!!! /drool
No, I am american, and I despise facial hair
Ugly bump
They say in Asia that bumping a thread gets you a sweater.

What does this mean?
Means that.... they like the internet?
Now recruiting someone who can spell my name backwards with their eyes closed.

Message <she who shall not be named> for details.
bump because i need friends :(
*holds stevesin's hand*

It's guy love. That's all it is.
I do believe it's time for a snack called Bump.
still looking for:

Frost DK, Mage, Ret paly, and a non Priest healer
Still recruiting the above.
Eww who rolls frost DK's?
Lots of people are frost DKs. MMMM kiters.
hallo bump
08/07/2011 04:38 PMPosted by Syrilia
Lots of people are frost DKs. MMMM kiters.

You guys make your fost DK's kite? What happened to huntards doing the grunt work?
Dumpel Bumpski
08/08/2011 12:41 PMPosted by Gloinn
Dumpel Bumpski

Quiet you.

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