Missing Larva - Ghostlands

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I have been looking for larva in the Ghostlands to finish the achievement (Pest Control). The DM for dragonmaw said they were there, however, I have asked other players in that area if they seen any. They replyed to me that they have not seen any either. Please help me to clarify this problem I am having. Thanks, Wehnol.
Don't be discouraged by the abundance of Maggots in the Dead Scar - Larva definitely spawn in the Ghostlands! However there seems to be not a specific area where they can be found. Probably the fastest method for Larva spotting is riding around the zone while hitting a key that is bound to a targetting macro ("/tar Larva").

- http://www.wowpedia.org/Larva
I was there earlier today and found one by one of the sanctuaries. I had to look for about 20 minutes. It was not in the Dead area itself.

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