Ret PVP stat priority

What is the stat priority after hit cap?

Mastery > crit > expertise?
Strength > all
Hit to cap > Mastery > Crit > Haste
exp from glyph if you want it but, most I have seen say to just use what is already on your gear don't reforge to it or gem/enchant for it
Thank you.
By the way hit cap in PvP is 5% or 600
Sorry I assumed using PvP gear which has resilience on it and can't be reforged. But, yes resilience is very important. I wouldn't personally use PvE gear on a retribution paladin in PvP. Survivability is important due to not doing any damage if your dead. Thanks for the catch Monylol
If I want some big crits for off-heals, do you think I could switch it slightly?


Your DPS, so stay DPS. If you want to heal go Holy.

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