Conquest Point Confusion-Blue Request by GM

Basically, the issue boils down to what allows you to keep your conquest cap moving into the upcoming week. According to the GM I talked to in game, this is something that has not been documented for the players, and that could affect people planning on what pieces they are going to buy etc. The GM I spoke with asked me to make a post in order to get a blue post clarifying the system for the playerbase as a whole.

The conversation is in the links below....
Uh, I don't see the issue.

If you can't play a single winning game of threes, you won't get points from your threes.

Before you were required to win five or whatever. Winning one game per week is a lot better than what it was before.

We already know that it's one win per week to establish your point cap. The difference of points from 2200 to 2700 isn't that large. Even at 2000 rating you're going to be getting over 2400 points a week. At a 2500 rating, I get roughly 2900: but at 2200 rating I would only be getting like 250 less than what I'm currently getting.

If your teammates are out of town for a week, either play some 2s or 5s or settle for 1300 points.
The issue is the lack of clarity. Had I known, of course I would have played 2s.
Ya i've been looking for the answer too.

We've been rotating people in and out of our 3's team to help them get weapons..and some of the other players are still wanting points from the 2200 team..we kinda need to know how many games those players need to play to get points from the team or from their PR. If they are still within a certain rating or % of the Team rating do they get points from the actuall team rating..or is it always PR now?

Used to be pretty clear.. 10 games / 30% of the teams Games / within 150 raiting..(or 100 don't remember). But would like to know what the new rulez are plz.
it is clear now, and even easier. all you have to do is win 1 game a week on the team to get points, which are based off of your personal rating, not the team rating.

i was under the impression this was common knowledge.

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