Healers Have To Die

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03/10/2011 11:04 AMPosted by Reefermadnez
And btw, did you see how many people in this thread had no idea this addon even existed until this thread was posted?
And many folks reaction was, "Is THAT why I'm suddenly being targeted and focused way more quickly and without me doing much to give myself away, all of a sudden?"

1. only works for you
2. only works in nameplate range
3. only works with nameplates turned on

Those are three rather big important differences.

Also, not one of you is stupid, silly, or anything else similarly demeaning or derogatory. A couple of you are however trolling me now. :(

i think the problem is, its an advantage, i cant really see any way it cannot be an advantage. if it only works for the people who know it exists and can download it. then is it fair?
ad-ons for me are to help adjust the UI to my liking. not to give an advantage.
03/10/2011 11:07 AMPosted by Reefermadnez
You can't make an argument for a powerful positive correlation based on hearsay.
You can insist that nothing anyone says in this topic means that this addon is actually working as intended, but by that logic, you cannot say that we are also wrong. Anecdotes, etc. Prove that the BGers are using only vent and /bg chat, please.

Basically, you're asking healers to go into a lose-lose scenario. It's actually double-loss for healers: not only do they have to play in their non-preferred role, they have to lose as well to try to make a point to a bunch of strangers? How many times will this "point" have to be made? The correct answer is infinite. DPSers won't step up to save healers. They'll just complain that no one heals them in a BG and tell healers things like "man up".

Blizzard can neutralize individual addons without breaking the rest. They did it to Gearscore without having to break the ability of mods to transfer data to the client. Worst case they can break nameplates in BGs only.

Obviously healers are going to get butchered for a while. And you know what? The opposing team's healers are getting the same thing. So it'll be roughly equal amounts of quitting/respeccing on both sides until some bright bulb decides that it'd sure be nice to have healers again.

You *can* be protected, the fact that you aren't is the real problem. Again, if this were simply players getting smarter and learning to target healers on their own, you would get destroyed just as badly and have NO recourse.
I'm not sure how this couldn't be considered cheating.
03/10/2011 8:28 AMPosted by Honestmike
It's an addon. Addons make the game easier to play. If you break it you might as well break every other addon.

There it is, the simple misconception that "Easier is better."
Also, Everything is either good, or bad.

It might also imply, "If I can't have what I want, then you don't get what you want."

All very shallow and selfish arguments.

Now that I think about it, I making these arguments about honesty, integrity and fairness on a Rogue.


Beware of anything that touts "Easier is better", Easier may give short term gratification, but in the long run cost far more than you ever imagined.

Where did I say that easier is better? Enlighten me.

Yes, you're right. Easier is NOT better. Sometimes. In this case, I think that easier IS better.

Also, how is this addon going to cost me, or anyone else for that matter, anything?

Finally, this addon works through the combat log. If you were to break it, you would have to break the combat log. And we all know how likely that is going to be.

By the way:

Spot those bloody healers instantly and help them accomplish their destiny! (PVP and PVE)

HHTD adds a red cross over enemy healer's name plates. You can't miss them! (see the screen-shot).

HHTD adds a healer role symbol abovefriendly healers' name plates. Stop the slaughter!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to enable name-plates, else you won't see the healer symbol!

It also rings when you hover or target a hostile unit who healed someone else during the last 60 seconds (can be configured).

HHTD is PVP and PVE compatible.

HHTD uses the combat log events to detect friendly and enemy healers. By default HHTD will detect specialized healers spells only (for PvP) another option lets you choose a specified amount of healing ennemies have to reach before being marked as healers. (this is the setting used for PVE)

Self-Heals and pets are filtered out.

Remember to check out available options (/HHTDG)

So, to a certain person who said it counted pets, self-heals, etc, that was false. You can config it to detect specific amounts to more easily zero in, as well. It's also designed to alert you when people are out of nameplate range.

Total downloads: 47,636

Nearly fifty thousand users using this is going to have an impact.
Dude thats just cheap as hell a add-on what auto marks healers? pure noob? to the max?
If you disagree you probably suck... Take it from healers point of view zzz It's basically like everyone seeing you good dps and they put a add-on for marking you automatically and everyone kills you and you come last in bgs :)
Wow, just caught onto this addon... I'm DPS, and I disagree with this.. It completely ruin the competition, it's PvP, it's supposed to be challenging! An icon on the healer is just wrong! :P Technically it's not against the rules, but in my opinion it totally takes away the anonymous, skillful approach in your BGs'. In the spirit of the game I wish for a fair fight with nobody singled out!

As important as it is for healers must die on the other side it is just as important to keep your healers alive. These addons (there is more then one) also mark your own healers and can help people with that as well. It is also helpful in PvE situations to kill the healer first, but that is a different discussion.

Except that you can actually already raid mark your own team. Seriously.
Also it's just lulz at the number of people trying to downplay this add-on as being weaker than it is. Self heals juking it out and getting them after the prot pally? When self heals can be filtered out.

While on the other hand other people are announcing their marked improvement in healer slaying. Hopefully they keep at that (since it's good game play at it's heart) after this add-on gets broken.
A technical fix




Break the sounds, maybe. Break nameplates? Possibly, but irritating unless the default ones are improved to compensate. Break the combat log? No way.
Heck, even as someone posted earlier, looking in the scoreboard and creating a /target macro wouldn't require any addon, and would be more effective since it prioritizes whoever's topping the charts. There is ALWAYS another way to do it, and ruling out every method would leave the UI completely gutted.

Rhosyn, that's actually good to learn, and I'll definitely make a habit of setting marks given a chance. Even at maximum raid size in TB, picking the top 8 healers in a raidgroup and marking them for protection is a huge boon to green bars all over the place.
Then buff healers, since apparently the game has been changed and the addon can't be disabled.
I'm sorry, I did not read all 23 pages of this thread so forgive me if this was already covered by someone else.

Addons enhance gameplay. That's what they're there for. Just because someone uses gladius for trinket and cc timers or even DBM to tell them when they have necrotic plague rather than keep an eye on their debuffs throughout the encounter doesn't make them any less of a player.

I first came across this addon a few months ago while doing premades. Normally, if a player wasn't dieing just find the player in the vicinity that was making green or gold casts. It wasn't that difficult but obviously it was a challenge for a lot of players because that is probably even why this addon was created.

This addon makes it easy for a brain-dead player to pick out a player healing. I'm not saying that everyone using it is brain-dead. It's just an added convenience, hence my point.

So what happens now? The gameplay has changed. Instead of being brain dead and chasing the opposing healer across the map while your healer/fc dies, people have to make a little more effort to protect their healer and healers have to play a bit more defensively. Sets for a better and different bg experience imho. Try and adapt rather than crying.

03/10/2011 12:01 PMPosted by Huntaro
Try and adapt rather than crying.
Just like folks refused to try and adapt and instead ran to an addon?

The gameplay was changed; can Blizzard's devs look at this?

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