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These addons are turning games into bot like wars, not humans fighting humans.

Your slippery slope looks awfully vertical.
If you need an addon to help you do that-- well that probably explains all the terribads who have a hard time killing me solo or duo despite me being legally blind and in entry-level gear. You included, undoubtedly.

I don't die that often unless it's a whole group focusing me down, or someone who massively outgears me and takes me out in three hits. The issue is said group using the addon to mark me without being able to rely on the game's tools or their own observations. That is just bad players being bad and you shouldn't be enabled.

If you need an addon to get around the limit on marking other players, then you are terrible.

Blizzard, buff please! Or enable us to mark ALL enemy players so we can start focusing them down much more easily.
If you need an addon to do that, how bad are you? Seriously, I have vision problems and I can pick out glowing yellow hands, what's your excuse for being so terrible that you have to try to get around the game's lack of marking other players?
03/09/2011 8:13 PMPosted by Zranaveska
I don't understand why we can't use raid markers in BGs anyway. That's stupid... and I'm a healer...

Because you shouldn't be able Point out one member on the opposing team to be a Kill on sight for the entire match. Things should be more situational and fluid than Raids. If it's too structured you lose some of the element of Human Error.
I have a healer I bring to BGs and TB. Seems like I'm focus fired a lot more than usual.

I'd go further than hoping Blizz breaks this add-on.

They should disable /target in BGs. So the baddies can't target me from yards away after someone calls out my name. The dps will actually have to think and work at finding the healers.

It's bad enough I have to keep them alive while they stand in the fire in PvE.
It should not point them out. YOU should be looking for them or people should be telling you to find them. That is why you can't mark people, and why this addon is getting around it. It is putting the healer at a huge disadvantage that others are not dealing with.

I have to look at the enemy group and pick my targets, and be situationally aware of who is going after me as well, and try to avoid being seen, whatever. This kind of addon removes a lot of my ability to move because YOU are too bad to look for me yourself. It shouldn't DO that.
Is this any differant to players who use addons like Vent being told to type
Target playerXXX where playerXXX is the healer .
Kill him first.
Yes. It automatically gimps a priest's mobility.
I find it to be bull@@!%, as I've been leveling my new healer.

I've noticed a lot of focus fire coming my way and in some of the cases I had a feeling something was up. I figure well into a BG when I'm top 3 in healing, okay yeah, they're probably looking out for me by now, because I call out the names of the enemy healers once they distance themselves from the pack on the charts myself.

However recently I've been getting singled out of groups before I ever so much as decide to cast my first spell.

Hunters targeting me from well off and sending their pet my way preemptively.

Riding across WSG in a group during the initial push, and somehow rogues are consistently picking me out of the pile to sap while the group rides on.

It gives particularly egregious advantages to players using it, while placing others (particularly the healers) at a very marked disadvantage.

It also takes a large portion of skill out of PvP, when it comes to situational awareness. (which is probably the biggest skill factor in PvP to begin with) I've had no problems picking out enemy healers by nameplates alone when I know what names I'm looking for so I don't really see how anyone would really need this except as a crutch.

It's one thing to say "oh it just helps me readjust my focus and notice healers in big groups" and completely another thing in the way I'm actually seeing it used.
That mouseover sound that dings from a VERY long distance away is arguably worse than the target, since it's got a much longer range than the mark. How is that kosher?

Also, same re: hunters, etc, right from the start.
If you are a DPS, you should have to work to shut that healer down without an addon blaring sounds and signs.
03/09/2011 8:53 PMPosted by Tastie
It gives particularly egregious advantages to players using it, while placing others (particularly the healers) at a very marked disadvantage.

If you're a healer, you should not be alive on a battleground, unless someone is actively protecting you.

How hard is this to understand?

It's easy to understand that you have a gross bias against healing classes.

I've never played any PvP game were healers were just "lol easy kill dude" they have some survivability, and often when they're pressured hard, they're not able to assist their allies any further.

They are however, ALWAYS priority kills, and the group should, as a whole, work towards taking them down first. Otherwise they suck and didn't coordinate well enough to complete their necessary objectives.

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