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hi there, im thinking of creating a guild soon ive done it twice before and ended up disbanding because "the name was immature" or "failed" i mean come on "Zombehz" sounds cool D: but oh well anyway i would like to know if anyone had some suggestions?
thanks :)
please? im quite stuck :/
I saw one the other day that I found absolutely hilarious:

<Paladin Trainer>

From my own server, I also like:

<Girls Gone Horde>
steal one from

<Paladin Trainer>

You won't get many serious people in a guild with that name. Awesome for a bank guild, not awesome if you want to form a raiding guild.
<Paladin Trainer>
I saw one the other day that I found absolutely hilarious:

<Paladin Trainer>


I remember seeing something along the lines of "Hordiculturalists." That was pretty good.
so far the ones i like are
<Paladin Trainer>
<Into the Darkness>
<Exalted with McDonalds>
<I did it for the Tabard>
<Bonded In Blood>
The Covenant
.. still if anyone has anymore? or maybe you can help me choose with the ones i have lol?
Mine is an RP guild name, since even when I don't have MRP running I show up as "Daughter of <Frostweaver>" ("Daughter") being the GM title I set for myself.

I've seen some very good ones out there. I'll make a short list of DOs and DON'Ts:

- Spell correctly
- Capitalize correctly
- Alternately, don't capitalize anything (if you're going for a more "casual" look)
- Make the name fit your guild's ideals (DKs only? Something like <Soul Train> probably doesn't fit - although that would be kinda funny.)
- Tie it in to WoW somehow
- Ask for guildie-to-be input - you won't be the only one wearing the guild tag
- Play on words
- Be ironic
- Be humorous, but not crude

- Misspell in order to get a name like one that's already taken, or to fit a long name into the character limit
- Capitalize random letters (to get the same name as one already taken or otherwise)
- Use memes in your name (you want a "mature" name, right?)
- Copy other guilds' names
- Use Latin that you personally have to look up the meaning to understand (it makes you sound pretentious)
- Use incorrect grammar, especially if your guild name is in another language
- Mash together some cool-sounding words and hope for the best (this method has worked exactly twice in the past: "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles")
- Use profanity or offensive names ("offensive" meaning something that is likely to offend a lot of people - something like "I love red meat" might offend a very strict vegan, but is not "offensive" generally)

Good examples:
<Soul Train> for a warlock guild
<On Your Lawn> for a gnome guild
<We Wipe On Trash> for a raiding guild

Bad examples:
<aWeSoMe GuIlD> (it's really not)
<de gustus no es disputan> (this violates three of the above rules, can you guess which ones?)
< Q Q b * t c h e s > (the "*" is in place of a letter, obviously)
I saw a guild name called "NO MOM I CANT PAUSE" i lol'd
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You'll find that no "good" guild has a funny name.


The top guilds in the world (cutting edge of profession guilds) tend to have one-word names, perhaps, such as Paragon, Method and Ensidia. However there are plenty of names that sound ridiculous but do just fine ("CUTIES ONLY", "Loot FTW" and "set sail for fail" are all in the top 40 in the world). Many others have more than one word, such as "For the Horde", "Blood Legion", "The Zenith Clan", and "Why Me" (all in the top 20 in the world).
inb4 redundant guild suggestions from new players
<OMG! Ponies!>
I like names that are clever, if not necessarily funny. I once saw a worgen in a guild called Blaidd Drwg & it totally made my night.
i went with <Come at me Bro>
Incontinentia Buttocks.
<FoxHound> If you get it it's bad ass.
i went with <Come at me Bro>

- Use memes in your name (you want a "mature" name, right?)

I don't know why I try.

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