low level pvp hunter specs question.

simple question really. Ive got a level 10 hunter right now, ready to pick my talent tree. Im not that interested in leveling, just bg. What would be the best spec to go in for low level pvp?? im thinking either survival or marskman.

what would be best to start out as? and possibly second spec later on in higher levels??
I really want to say MM but the reality is that hunters are so OP at lower levels, it doesn't matter.
yeah i know they are. and the burst damage with MM is what really caught my attention. Yet survival is, well, good for survival. Main reason why im picky xP
There was a time, a few years ago when I was twinking (different toon) that survival was pretty good. It made a bit of difference when you got into melee range. I don't know if it's changed much or not since then though.
Doesnt matter...even a bad hunter can kite anyone at lower lvl pvp.

Top three dps...i was third, other two were hunters. if you stick with a pack you wont be hurt. You just retreat when your group is dying, melee cant get near you, casters well...if your in a pack no issues.
Most 19 xp-off hunters are SV.

MM's Aimed Shot may 1-shot undergeared players but it can't be used on the move and it has long cast that is often interrupted.
Yeah, I use a MM hunter at lvl 15 and 1 shotting almost everything with aimed shot, im also in heirlooms though so..
I would suggest MM until like 69+. Then it is all BM for me. (I would do BM from 10-every level cap they add, but currently at low lvs it isn't great)
SV imo. as MM you get aim shot, but thats a long, clunky cast time. you dont get chimaera shot until high levels.

As SV, you get explosive shot right off the bat. Explosive shot damage at low levels causes hilarity and destruction.
so the best spec for a low lvl hunter is sv
Well I Suggest Survival Is the best "PVP" Spec For the lvl 10-19 BGS Its really Easy to play Plus you have Explosive Shot Right there and it does more damage by the time Aimed shot Is Casted! And it is also Very Good for Graveyard camping... Gotta love it :D
Beast Mastery is BY FAR the best spec at low levels. 30% more Attack Power and Kill Command does a ton of damage.

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