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As you all know that each race in the entirety of World of Warcraft has their very own racial ground mounts.
[Why not put racial flying mounts per race?]
This is just a rough idea of what I might think are good racial mounts. I think it'd be good, gives players the urge to gain exalted status with other reputations and gain more mounts. Of course they'd all come with their own unique design and colors for both rare and epic. What do you think? What are your ideas?
(feel free to change or come up with your own):

Human: A giant eagle, or a different set of Gryphons
Dwarf: THEIR own sort of Gryphons
Night Elf: Hyppogryph
Gnome: A sort of flying machine (in which case, Engineer Mounts could go for a totally new better look)
Draenei: Those Nether rays or whatever from Zangarmarsh, or giant moths.
Worgen: Bats or Condors

Orc: Wryvenn
Troll: Jungle Bats, or something else
Tauren: Condor, or something else
Undead: Bats or Undead eagles, or Gryphons
Blood Elf: Dragonhawks
Goblin: A rocket, or an insane looking jet pack :D

Hell ya Jet Packs!! i can see it now.
03/07/2011 9:14 PMPosted by Redn
Tauren: Condor, or something else

Sun Rocs, look at the talon in the Ironforge Museum.
Gnomes should get hovercraft and Goblins should get jetpacks.

03/07/2011 11:19 PMPosted by Hyolia
Engineering already has hovercraft, so that is NOT fixed. Gnomes get hoverboots, it's the kind of quirky, wacky thing they'd make and jetpacks are the kind of dangerous, fiery, awesome thing Goblins would make.

I don't view the engineering gyrocopter as a hovercraft, but if we must compromise I suggest hoverboards, hoverboots feel -too- quirky, the gnomes need something a -tad- more serious once in awhile so they're not purely a joke race.
03/07/2011 10:19 PMPosted by Hyolia
Gnomes should get hover boots and Goblins should get jetpacks.

Goblins already made hoverboots >.>
Go do the goblin starting zone...you get to be Iron-Goblin. Only without a full suit of armor. Just boots.
03/08/2011 2:06 AMPosted by Hyolia

It's in the Lost Isles when you fly over a bunch of zombies and burn them.

The only thing that could hold a Tauren is a helicopter or a dragon. Or one of those dinosaurs in Un'goro Crater
Human: How about Eagle.
Dwarf: Gryphon, less dorky model though please.
Night Elf: Less... weird hippogryph.
Draenei: Giant. Moths.
Gnomes: Flying machines.
Worgen: Ravens.

Orcs: Wyverns.
Tauren: Spirit Wyverns?
Troll: Bat
Undead: Plagued Bat
Goblin: Zombie-killin' rocket boots!
Blood Elf: Dragonhawk.
03/08/2011 8:39 AMPosted by Cylexene
dinosaurs in Un'goro Crater

Pterrodax mount using the protodrake skeleton wouldn't be too bad.
03/08/2011 8:41 AMPosted by Andianton
Draenei: Giant. Moths.

Always always always wanted to ride one. I wish the draenei had that.
03/07/2011 11:29 PMPosted by Hyolia
But yes a hoverboard would be good.

Gnomes = Optimus Primal?
03/08/2011 7:59 AMPosted by Tasrak
Go do the goblin starting zone...you get to be Iron-Goblin. Only without a full suit of armor. Just boots.

Ooh goblins should get an Iron Man Suit! Or a Green Goblin Glider and Gnomes can get the Iron Man Suit!

Goblins - Goblin Glider
Gnomes - Iron Gnome (suit)

Say Yes!!!

Also more (general mount) ideas:
Tauren - Plainstriding (in conjunction with Worgen's Running Wild)
Troll Druid - Shapeshift to Bat (flying Mount)
Hunters - All hunters should be able to Mount their pets!
Orcs: Flying wolves
Tauren: Flying Kodos
Troll: Flying raptors
Undead: Flying undead horses
Goblin: Flying cars
Blood Elf: Flying ostriches

Human: Flying horses
Dwarf: Flying goats
Night Elf: Flying kitties
Draenei: Flying elephants
Gnomes: Flying robot chickens
Worgen: Flying... Uh...

The mode with which they fly would vary, but this is a Racial Flying Mounts list, not a fancy-smancy Racial Flying Mounts Flying Ability list!
03/08/2011 11:04 AMPosted by Lim
Worgen: Flying... Uh...
Flying Wild.
Lol "Flying WIld"...I would like to see mad worgens floating in the air.

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