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Globalled you from out of nowhere on my pally.

I don't know what I can possibly do to help this game along. I'm not 85 yet, but I don't think my sole participation in my own administrated event would breathe life to this. I think it's a very great concept and a fun game when played. The fact is that a community based game doesn't hold any interest without incentives. I guess I was dreaming when I thought people would take a break from the honor grinds and dragon slaying to enjoy some good old fashioned PvP.

I've started a thread on MMO-Champion as I've stated before. The contents of the thread have been getting a lot of mixed feelings, but they are only my opinions. The thread is a place where I'm wanting the issues revolving World PvP, Battlegrounds, Arenas, and their rewards to be discussed. There have already been some neat ideas, and my original post doesn't contain the best implementation, but that's not the point.

Some ideas that have been spoken about are:

    Spreading PvP rewards out evenly between World PvP, Rated Battlegrounds, and Arenas. Doing this will make it where you must participate in all 3 facets of PvP in order to get the high-end PvP gear that everyone desires. I think that alone is enough interest to get the gears moving. How Blizzard would choose to implement and reward based on World PvP is an entirely different subject with it's own complicated rules.

    Having World PvP turn into something like this PvP Game was discussed briefly. When you step into the open world a window would be accessible. The information displayed in the window would be the ranks of players according to bounty level, how many kills they have, where their last kill was, kill streak, and a bunch of other fun stats. This World PvP system would of course coincide directly with rewarding some kind of PvP item (armor, weapons, trinkets, mounts, and etc..)

I beckon every forum user to make his/her way to the MMO-Champion PvP Forums and view my thread. Your input is just as deserving as others, and I want to know your opinions.*READ*


With this being said, I want to officially retire this game until some system is set in motion by Blizzard to create real incentive to participate in World PvP. This game was meant to take advantage of World PvP by creating some kind of self-recognition for participating in something you enjoy. If an individual, group of individuals, and/or guild would like to provide incentives (gold, consumables, boe gear, and/or anything of real value to players) to participate in this game, then I'd be glad to keep administrating it.

*This isn't my game, so if someone else wants to take a shot at administrating some kind of PvP game, then by all means*

game over.
I play on a PvP server. I will do what I have to do to kill you. I don't care if it's cheap, childish, selfish, disturbing, immature, deceitful, hateful, or any other description you may be thinking right now. If you're such a carebear that you're going to whine over something like this, then it makes the kill for me all the sweeter. I only wish I could kill all of you. Maybe one day you'll be graced by my grief.... One day.
03/23/2011 12:49 AMPosted by Móurnblade
I play on a PvP server. I will do what I have to do to kill you. I don't care if it's cheap, childish, selfish, disturbing, immature, deceitful, hateful, or any other description you may be thinking right now. If you're such a carebear that you're going to whine over something like this, then it makes the kill for me all the sweeter. I only wish I could kill all of you. Maybe one day you'll be graced by my grief.... One day.

Oh hey you from mmo. Thanks for the quote.
I don't really think WoW is a PvP game anymore, I came back and it seems like it's all just different flavors of play 5 games a week and get welfare epics.

I was excited to come back and play, but there is something missing. I understand how it could be interesting at a gladiator level in arenas, but you are required to know people who can play at that level in the appropriate classes and be playing a class that goes well with them...

The idea of pvp being based on comps instead of individuals, the complete lack of meaningful world pvp, the underwhelming cataclysm expansion combined with the complete irrelevance of TBC and WotLK. I guess I don't get this game anymore. Coming from someone who came straight from Vanilla.

It's not a war anymore.
03/26/2011 10:26 PMPosted by Sephyxia
The game was no damn different PVP wise back in vanilla then it is now.

You're completely wrong.

1. There was no resilience stat which meant that the best pvp gear was raid gear.

2. You geared up for pvp in 40 man raids (MC, BWL).

3. There were no flying mounts, or teleports to the dungeon, which meant your 40 man raid had to run to the raid instances on foot.

4. A guild could stop another guild from raiding by intercepting their raid party.

5. Guilds could stop the opposing faction and their guilds from progressing via world PvP.

The only way for to progress/gear up was to fight through other raids at blackrock mountain, which resulted in world pvp like this:

The alternative was the Grand Marshall grind, which was only completed by killing people from your server, and beating the other guilds on your server in battlegrounds. If The Cabal and Nightmare Inc got paired up in AV we had brutal 5 hour games. The winners got ahead and the losers wore greens.

Now everyone prances around in purples after they finish their 5 arena games.

I'm not whining. I came back to see how some old friends were doing and I've already cancelled. Which gives me about 2 months played in the last half-decade. I'm saying the pvp in this game is not what it used to be, and for people looking for an "RPG war" it's probably not worth playing any longer.

I'm not really sure I understand the type of person that this game's pvp is attractive to any longer. Putting together comps, rolling FOTM alts, and adding a gear grind on top of it all just to get more gear isn't very interesting to me or the people I used to play with. It's reflected in the current player base of immature kids, mega nerds, and jaded individuals like yourself.
this game should be changed to world of arenacraft, thats all wow pvp is based on now, and yes it sucks. You cant even flame other players anymore bc the minute you do it turns into a 5 min argument over arena ratings, or they tell you that its a new account and they were a 6 time glad on another server lol.

I was happy to see mozeer at least try and do something fun and pvp oriented, keep looking into it and trying hopefully you will get something going soon.

I miss the old days too mal, pvp back then was alot more fun and intense imo also. As much as i used to complain about the wsg stalemates or the 5 hour av's, they were alot more fun and constituted alot more trash talking between horde/alliance.
just pulling this out of my ass but would I be wrong to say that the whole cross realm thing, while improving the pace of play, really kind of put an end to the possibility of actual rivalries?
As a player that started a little after Patch 1.5 (Battleground Patch) I have very fond memories of Original World of Warcraft. The PvP back then was definitely flawed in its own way, but it was still fun. Some major changes in World of Warcraft have been the primary contributors as to why PvP has changed and may never feel the same again.

Our world has grown

Each expansion brings new content and more experience to gain. During Original World of Warcraft it was fairly easy to go into a zone with a known popular questing hub and find someone to kill, gank, camp, and/or grief. Sure Blizzard reports that their subscriber count is growing, but they have also opened up a lot of new servers and even offer free transfers off of over-populated ones in order to balance out population.

During Original World of Warcraft leveling too the average person around 6 months to hit the cap (Level 60). These days it still takes a while, but you aren't spending as much time in each zone as would have needed to during Original. The area of explorable / questable content, the speed of leveling, and the ability to do most of what you need from a major city are all major contributors to the evolving scene of PvP.

This game is easier (and it's a good thing)

There is no denying that this game is exponentially easier than what it was during Original. I personally find this to be a great thing. I do believe in rewarding players for their dedication and efforts, and you can certainly find aspects of the game that provide better rewards for your time. A ton of people didn't get to experience any content outside of wiping on trash in Molten Core. A lot of people didn't have the stupid amount of time to grind Rank 14 (or have the trusty-worthy friends to account share to do it). The game was still fun for individuals even if they weren't in a great guild or Grand Marshals / High Warlords. I remember PvP'ing in a full set of blue's only obtaining a few of my offset PvP pieces and mount (Rank 11). That was the exact same gear I PvE'd in as well. Content is easier and gear is more widely obtainable, which is what this game needed. A game that only caters to the hardcore is not good design or business.

Before you start crying about the lack of originality with everyone wearing your gear, remember there are Heroic modes and hard modes that reward even better gear. Yeah, sure everyone may have that gear after the next patch when it's nerfed, but you got the gear when it mattered. If gear is really a bragging point for you, that's sad. It's definitely something to be proud of, but not when it's used as a meter to gauge now pretty your e-peen is.

Ease of access

Flying mounts and teleporting to dungeons have been nice changes that make the game easier on us, but they come with a downside. You are less likely to engage in hostile combat with a member of the opposite faction. I enjoy my flying mount. However I would prefer to travel to the dungeon myself in hopes of coming into contact with an enemy. This section is self explanitory.

Lack of interest in World PvP

Until just recently, Arenas has been the only way to obtain the best PvP gear in the game. Rated Battlegrounds has joined ranks with Arenas, but where is the World PvP love at? I personally hate arenas. Why? Because I'm not good at them. I'm fine with admitting that, and so should a lot of you. However I do happen to love Battlegrounds. It takes a different set of skills than arena, and much more micro-management (controlling different nodes & etc..) that I feel I'm more skilled at. I my opinion, Arenas punishes mistakes more harshly than Battlegrounds, which is neat but too demanding for a lot of people.

I hate the feeling that in the past I HAD to do Arenas in order to get my PvP gear. Aren't there multiple facets of PvP? Battleground enthusiasts just got their portion of love, but what about World PvP?

I have enjoyed, and will probably continue to enjoy this game. This game is forever changed because of GOOD design and implementations that happened to have a negative effect on World PvP. World PvP is far from "dead". In its current state you just have to work harder to initiate it. The entire attitude towards PvP has changed in a negative way, as the community is largely split. If you enjoy PvP, you will participate in it even if there's little to no reward. Sure the game isn't the same, but you can take steps towards making better World PvP experiences for yourselves.

03/27/2011 7:08 AMPosted by Sephyxia
Blame yourselves. Not the game in my opinion. The game is what YOU make it.

This statement is all too true. Yeah the game has turned into World of Arenacraft where "if you aren't good at Arenas, you aren't good at PvP". I think that statement is not only completely false, but elitist and ignorant.

03/27/2011 6:55 AMPosted by Atorobxs
I was happy to see mozeer at least try and do something fun and pvp oriented, keep looking into it and trying hopefully you will get something going soon.

This game was supported by a lot of written support, but in truth failed because of lack of interest. It's like everyone who posted here supporting this said, "Yeah! World PvP!!! What a great idea! Now the rest of you go get this game started and in motion while I continue to farm Honor. Don't mind me, I'll join in once enough people have interest".

This is the 3rd time I've done a game like this (second time on this server) and the worst its failed. Those of you wanting World PvP, here it is. Sure the game could always use amendments to the rules and general improvements, but this is World PvP. For me, Original was filled with me going into Horde vent and getting someone to /who my target for me so I could hunt him down.

I may or may not try to facilitate something in the future. I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve this World PvP game, and am always up for suggestions. Sorry for the wall of text. There's no TL DR, so don't read if you don't want. I don't care.
you could have saved yourself the wall of text and read where i typed IMO because thats exactly what it is, my opinion. It doesnt mean im right or wrong, ive played since the original beta and my funnest times in the game were during vanilla pvp b4 and after bg's came along.

but dont worry i did read your whole post since you put some effort into it, it was well thought out and organized so i applaud you for that.

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