Stormreaver's PVP Game

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you could have saved yourself the wall of text and read where i typed IMO because thats exactly what it is, my opinion. It doesnt mean im right or wrong, ive played since the original beta and my funnest times in the game were during vanilla pvp b4 and after bg's came along.

but dont worry i did read your whole post since you put some effort into it, it was well thought out and organized so i applaud you for that.

What? I'm agreeing with you. Sure AV was ridiculous, but the same-server rivalries were so much fun. Knowing that if you queued up at a specific time and you'd be thrown into a BG with people you know and see everyday was intense.

Back then people PvP'd because it was fun. Now people grind honor endlessly, not caring about actual PvP because of the gear Blizzard has thrown at us. It's all in the attitude of modern gamers. No one wants to do anything because they enjoy it anymore. It has to have some reward attached to it. I understand wanting to PvP so you can get get so you can PvP even better, but it's just a pointless and heartless grind.

ah my bad, guess i didnt read it as well as i thought i did lol, im not a morning person
Let's accept the fact that World of Warcraft is not and will not ever be the same as us Original players experienced. Now that we got that out of the way, we can get back on-topic.

If this is really going to be Stormreaver's game, then the community of Stormreaver needs to build it. I've had a surprising number of in-game tells asking if I was going to change the targets, start the game again, and/or start a new game. Instead of trying to design and administrate this whole game by myself, let us, the community do it together.

Here's the theme that I imagine would best serve as the frame-work for Stormreaver's PvP Game:

  • Since Blizzard has essentially discouraged traveling to areas in the World that aren't points of interest, I think we should focus on a single zone or a couple of zones that not only harbor healthy PvP, but PvE as well.

  • The objective is obviously to be the best/most feared. I'm thinking this could best be done by some kind of territory control.

  • To make the game more appealing to a larger audience, it shouldn't cater to blob PvP or large groups. Solo play should be encouraged.

  • Since there will be no real tangible rewards that anyone will be interested in, we all must agree that being the best in this game should come with unofficial respect, recognition, fear, and/or epic tales of bravery only mentioned of in the darkest corners of your local tavern.

  • There should be a killboard, much like the system EvE Online has with their Corporations (Guilds). Here's an example:
    You'll notice that on the main page there are rankings, recently killed, any many other neat things. If you click on someone's profile, you'll see in-depth stats that are always fun to compare and gawk at. When you see something like this how can you not but think of how competitive it could be. This would essentially serve as ultimate bragging rights, and a way to see who's, "Most Wanted".

  • Players could pay for a bounty to be placed on another player's head. Money would have to be paid upfront to a trusted 3rd Party (guild bank, maybe?) in order for the transaction to be reliable for the, "Bounty Hunter".

  • ---------------------

    I think the perfect system for a game like this would be where everyone is able to kill someone at any time and have it count towards something. The above are some thoughts of mine on the subject, but I do have many more ideas. I'd like to see what you, the community brainstorms in hopes we can develop something fun together. There's plenty of threads here on the official forums and on separate fan/community sites complaining about how World PvP is dead. If you are one of those people, then this is your chance to actually do something about it. Stop complaining and be a community member!

    I'm really interested in your feedback, so I'm going to ask a few questions:

    What do you think about the EvE Online killboards? (The killboards are community sustained, and aren't "official" which makes that pretty neat. I think we're able to do something similar, given enough interest.

    Do you think we should specify a single zone to harbor this game? Think about Isle of Quel'danas PvP and how easy a game could have been made out of that.

    What do you think we could do to promote this game and have a large community support?

    Get at it!
    There is some very decent world pvp that goes on in Tol Barad. I just hang out at the BBC. Every 5 minutes or so world pvp runs right on by and I have me some fun. Sometimes it can turn into hours of back and forth between the BBC and the horde base sort of like SS/Tarren Mill.

    For instance, last night Organized Insanity was trying to camp the ally GY at the BBC. They were using their guild level resurrection as well so there was no down time in killing hordies. I had a blast.

    Also there are the usual suspects that are always doing world pvp in Tol Barad and having fun. Davysprocket the hunter who refuses to fight you anywhere except on some sort of exploited terrain, and some other horde friends that I always tend to see on a day to day basis. Saw Caulktok on his druid the other day, but after we finally zerged him down on the top of the BBC bridge he bailed. I'm sure if he had brought some friends it would have turned into a nice little skirmish.

    Tol Barad is pretty awesome. It is easy to start up some good world pvp for sure. If you don't like Tol Barad, but you like world pvp, you should try to look at it with more of an open mind. IMO it facilitates much more world pvp than Wintergrasp ever did.

    Don't forget about the new daily quest hubs coming out in future patches. One of them is supposed to be very similiar to Isle according to blue posts.

    I think Tol Barad would be a perfect place to initiate something that I wrote about in my previous post.

    What does everyone think about Tol Barad and future places like the Isle of Quel'danas?

    Would people be interested in an actual website like the Killboards? It would take community support, but I think it'd be possible for Stormreaver to get there.
    one thing I don't really care for is getting killed by two frost mages, which even one of I can't kill
    You can find a link to my Killboard suggestion to Blizzard in the General Discussion forum on the Official World of Warcraft Forum here:

    Comment if you support :)

    Also please let me know what you think here about implementing it community-side. Who knows if Blizzard would ever run with this idea.
    Bump! Remember to read and support my suggestion if you like it.
    There was some good stuff happening in TBP last night!
    I love DKs that death grip me when disengage is still up
    There was some good stuff happening in TBP last night!
    I love DKs that death grip me when disengage is still up

    Hah, I'll be back out there soon. Gonna knock out the grinding portion of The Insane first. :) I'll be back in a few days.
    I actually have /no on a button just for that
    @*!* this! Just come after me, mother@*!*ers. I'm god damned waiting.

    *Disclaimer: I don't pretend to be good at PvP.
    Support better & fun World PvP by promoting Killboards (leaderboards) with statistics within World of Warcraft!
    Support better & fun World PvP by promoting Killboards (leaderboards) with statistics within World of Warcraft!

    I dont exploit terrain, i just run up the chain links connected to the tower, mostly to get away. Mostly...
    Yeah at this point I make an effort to avoid areas where I see you Davy. :) Keep the fun coming.
    I'm usually rolling around in TBP with a few guildies. We usually head out there in-between Qs. Tons of world pvp going on and we have a blast. Keep it up guys.

    I think it's about time we get serious about our world pvp. The Isle of Thunder is the new Isle of Quel'danas! Lets make this happen! If I have enough interested parties on both Alliance / Horde, I will manage the game!

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