Fel iron farming

Where is the best place in outlands to farm fel iron for engineering?
Hellfire Peninsula.
There's no best place. There are only bad places. The least bad place is probably hellfire, but I can't stand to do more than 2-3 circles around the place and then I head over to Nagrand for a while.

If you don't mind picking up some adamantite too, you can just do a big loop around hellfire, terrokar, nagrand and zangarmarsh. Terrokar is often overlooked when the other ones are tapped out.

Overall mining in the outland is a miserable experience. Don't even get me started about Khorium. This may just be because I did hours upon hours of it back in BC, though.
Zangermash has both and not very many people mine it. Fly around the outside edge. If you ONLY want Fel Iron, then Hellfire is the only zone where nodes are only Fel Iron or Khorium.

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