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03/11/2011 5:40 PMPosted by Goranagar
Then why is Rag's the only elemental lord with legs? As a rule, most elementals don't have legs, even in their own realms

Perhaps, but his elemental lord buddies will soon realize what they're missing. He can dance if he wants to! He can leave his friends behind. Cause his friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine!
I don't know. Rag was no C'thun.

C'thun now... that was a boss.

end of a c'thun eye lazar chain. /cringe

All that stuff about perspective is well and good, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the CONCEPT of Ragnaros, an elemental being, being fashioned with / creating legs for himself.

He's an incarnation of fire. Legs, especially those designed in the bipedal fashion, are extremely awkward for anything with an alternative.

Why do elemental lords have to look more and more humanoid? First there's a being of wind wearing turbans and armor that looks like it's made of cloth, and now Rag is using legs to travel around and risk tripping opposed to, I don't know, RIDING A WAVE OF MAGMA?

But then, we're talking about the same art team that supposedly thinks Moonkin are a "cool" looking form for every Balance druid to be perpetually combat-stuck in, so...


How do you know it's the elementals trying to look human, maybe it's the humans trying to look like elementals. Maybe the elemental wore the turban first.

Obviously by "human" I mean "humanoid," since in this world humans are far from the first sentient beings that look like this. The Titans fashioned sentience on Azeroth and other worlds after their image, and THEY we know are humanoid.

But the Elementals were not fashioned by Titans. I always figured the Elementals took on a rough parody of humanoid form to mock us or something, but the idea of beings fashioned from fire and magma using legs to travel just seems ridiculous. It's like if he fashioned "privates" for himself too, just to give himself a weak spot. Like, "wtf mate?"
Legs were a dumb choice and the devs should know it. Period.

You don't mess with a legend like Rag. Rag didn't have legs in the past, and Firelords didn't have legs in WC3. The apathy Blizzard shows in regards to it's own iconic characters now is a little bit offensive.
03/11/2011 8:46 AMPosted by Tyrazsun

This is sort of what I was getting at with my first point. The perspective is completely different when a player character is standing near him. The proportions were designed with that in mind, which is why the screenshot of the model really doesn't do Ragnaros justice at all.

You better not be getting my hopes up. =/

Elemental Invasion
I don’t think a lot of you understand; perspective is a large part of art design. The designers probably designed the model looking upwards from his feet. I bet you Rags’ll look epic when you see him in person

This is sort of what I was getting at with my first point. The perspective is completely different when a player character is standing near him. The proportions were designed with that in mind, which is why the screenshot of the model really doesn't do Ragnaros justice at all.

Frankly, he could be the size of Kalimdor, the legs ruined it. I'd MUCH MUCH rather have my Ragnaros with a swirling vortex beneath him that doesn't spin and just have him magically float across the ground. I mean really... who can honestly say they think Ragnaros needed legs? He was obviously powerful, something tells me he didn't need to go through the trouble to shape lava legs and he could have just used the power of his fire to lift him (Johnny Flame Style).

So yeah, give me OLD Ragnaros before you give me Night-Elf-Male-Legs Ragnaros.

And if you want me to be COMPLETELY honest here, give me Molten Core Console Game Ragnaros (April Fools joke from way back when.) before you give me Night-Elf-Male-Legs Ragnaros

I shall forever refer to this Ragnaros as NEML Rags, and he shall burn in the fires of my mind, or freeze in the deepest circle of hell from Dante's Inferno, whichever he finds least pleasent, accompanied by most of the paladin tier gear. (Yeah I said it, I hate the pally gear.)
it's a LEGitimate complaint even if you want to say "lol, qq"
Therazane has legs too. They are just tiny and probably useless, and dangle under her while she floats around. Kind of like Baron Harkonnen. So this isn't the first time they've dared add such a graphic to an elemental lord. I didn't read the whole thread to see if anyone brought this up already.

The problem really isn't his legs, but the fact that his proportions seem so off. The poofies on his head are thicker than his legs, and his arms are as long as an ape's, coupled with average sized legs. It is possible he will look better in game, from the proper angle, but color me skeptical for now.
I think most of the people who saw the screenshot (I was guilty of this as well) thought Ragnaros was going to be about the size of Cho'gall or even the Lich King in terms of actual physical space used.

Do you remember how big Al'akir is, or even Therazane? They're huge. Putting legs on Ragnaros when all you see will be his legs is fine. The model just looks silly because we can see the whole thing and it looks like they used the orc model with Rag's skin...but it should still prove okay.

The only problem I've had with a raid boss design was Sinestra and that was because they inexplicably used Kil'Jaeden's model, right down to the death animation...which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
So far I've heard that it's a reskinned Draenei, Orc, and Night Elf male on this thread.

If anything, it goes to show that people don't even know what they're talking about and will complain about absolutely anything.
Perspective is indeed a very significant aspect of design, perspective IS everything. That being said what is the perspective on a single raid per tier for Cataclysm? iirc Blizzcon dungeons and raid panel stated there wasn't one because the lessons of ToC and ICC had been learned. Personally hope this is true because as of now there only seems to be one coming in future. Which gives some perspective ;)

Until then, you're going to have to wait to see how big he ACTUALLY is.[/quote]

Thats what she said...
Heh @ thats what she said.

Could someone tell me where i can see this so-called Ragnaros with legs (;? Apologies, I didn't read through this whole thread and this is pretty much my first time on the new site.
A few things: one: Zeth never stated how big he was, just that "...that picture doesn't do [his proportions] justice". It could fully mean that he goes "screw this, i'm gonna go LK on yo sorry keester and condense my power!"

Second: This expansion has introduced a new sort of 'feature': Attachment modifications. The 'big daddy' facsimile in Stonetalon was made by utilizing the diver helmet attached to a rescaled gnomer mob; it's possible that the "swirly fire" is actually an attachment to ragnaros.

Another possibililty is that he will have legs, but be submerged up to his waist in magma except when encountering his heroic mode.
lol at toon town blue eyes white dragon,
but if you've seen deathwing fly around in person imo he looks bettr than he does on the menu screen its like how people sound different in person than they do on a phone or how people look a little different in person than in a picture

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