Cecil Harvey.

Hair too amazing to be anything but a Paladin.
Is that the Dark Knight from Final Fantasy 4? I forgot his last name.

Regardless, his hair was pretty darn fabulous. When he shed his Dark Knight ways and actually became a Paladin of course, given that his helmet was always covering his hair beforehand.
Clouds hair was epic.
He is the king of kings.
Spoony bard
Honestly, I've always hated how FFIV handled Paladins, especially in it's direct sequels where they basically treat it as an inherited trait as opposed to a conscious choice.

That, and Cecil was a muff. Now, CYAN, that guy was cool.
That, and Cecil was a muff. Now, CYAN, that guy was cool.

Cyan was terrible. I liked his personalty but his gameplay was awful except for the Psycho Cyan glitch. His Bushido took too long to charge up by the time you get it to the appropriate number your party has been attacked two or three times. I usually left him out and took Locke, Celes, Edgar, and Sabin as my main four.

But more on topic; Cecil was an awesome paladin. Great off heals, good defense and max damage with the Ragnorok (or Crystal Sword in the original SNES cart)

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