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03/10/2011 5:43 PMPosted by Search
i don't know what the explanation is, but Cataclysm seems sub-par in terms of content, compared to other expansions. It seems like the vast majority of the content of this expansion was re-vamping the vanilla content - which we've already paid for once. This second time around it seemed like only about a third of what we paid for the developers to work on was 'new.'

You state in your post that "Wrath had 10 new levels and 8 new zones". So essentially your comparing Wrath to Cata and saying that Wrath had more content. Erm, Hello... Not ONLY is Vashir'j ALONE worth 3 Wrath zones, but you could easily fit Dragonblight and Zuldrak into Uldum ect, and as 'rehashed' as you wanna make it out to be, all the redone Azeroth still has some new places, fresh quests and interesting new parts of zones to explore. Also what you fail to remember is that the ENTIRE first raiding tier, the however many months of initial raiding, was spent in a EXACT Vanilla Copy of Naxx 40man. At least they've changed ZG around quite a bit and i've said it in other forum posts and i'll say it again, ZA was so good you just don't NEED to change it AT ALL.

And TBC, well for that i've got nothing, I wake up in the night, sweaty and agitated and let out a started "Noooo". What was i just dreamin about? TBC having never existing :(
It was their first expansion, they had SO much content to go on, there was this whole new world that they could build upon and use the accompanying lore to make amazing, and they did just that. You can't compare Cata to TBC because quite frankly, NOTHING can compare to TBC.

Every single thing they've done at 80-85 is COMPLETELY NEW content so far. Your stating that Cata is "Sub-par in content compared to Wrath and TBC". They have had 5x as much unique content in Cata so far in comparison to WOTLK at the same point. Even once we hit 4.2 or aka the "3.1" equivilent in WOTLK; there will have been 1 exact copy, which is only a 5man so nothing in comparison to the copy Naxx was, and Ragnaros and POSSIBLY another old boss from MC (Just making a generalisation here not sure if they will bring any more over). So imo, That's alot LESS copied content then WOTLK, and Wrath had that on release day...
ZA isn't being redone
It's the same encounters, same mechanics, same bosses...except for zul, who is replaced with a different skin, and uses the same mechanic!
Might as well make all the bosses look like ninja turtles and call it new and engaging.

Honestly anyone who says that ZA is boring, stupid or pays it out in any form. They DID NOT play in TBC. Period.
Patch 4.4
    Elwynn Forest and Durotar are now level 83-85 leveling zones!
    Enjoy enhanced loot, harder encounters, and remember the first time you rolled a Troll, Orc, or Human!

Patch 4.4.1
    Elwynn Forest and Durotar are now properly phased. We apologize to the Trolls, Orcs, and Humans who were rolled in the past 3 weeks and instantly killed by level 84 mobs. You will all be properly compensated with a rare Feat of Strength: "I'm Not Even Supposed to be Here Today."

I'm digging patch 4.4.1, sounds awesome
Wait, so are we getting the Abyssal Maw dungeon in 4.1? I saw isomewhere that it was postponed again.
03/10/2011 7:51 PMPosted by Saass
I don't know where you were, but while I was on a major progression run on my main, we ran ZA every week for new recruits way past it's expiration date to gear people for BT and Sunwell! The mechanics are drilled into us.

Well my guild never got very far in Sunwell, we lost some good members cause they weren't willing to progress against the crazy content it had and hence we just dialed it back, stopped raiding 25m's and chilled for the rest of the expansion. But I still remember running ZA almost every week (RL issues can get in the way some weeks) up until about perhaps a month after 2.4 and still to this day i go back every now and then and remember how awesome it was. More importantly i remember doing Karazhan almost every week as well up until the same point just for Points and sometimes to gear alts. Even in Hyjal/BT gear where you'd stomp the place in just a matter of an hour or 2, I still never got bored of it, and to this day enjoy it Immensely and with very fond memories.

You may have had the mechanics drilled into you, but it doesn't stop the first time you killed those bosses and just how enjoyable the fights were. Unless the raid was simply a very terrible raid (Naxx, TOC, Some parts of ICC), i don't think about how i already know the mechanics off by heart, i think about how awesome the raid was that first time i went in, and experienced it, and it just brings awesome feelings back.

And if you truely were a big BC player, you think about it like that, and it's just magic again. Everytime I go back to any BC raid for gear collecting on this toon, i have about a million stories i could tell, and that's how it should be, Sadly, for WOTLK i can only talk about Ulduar in such a way (Even though i missed most of it), the rest is just rage with the exception of the first Lich King kill. A game is truely worth it when you can do something like that, if all you think about when you remember previous raids is Boring old mechanics and stupid things, then like me with most of WOTLK, then the game just hasn't been worth playing imo.(Hence why i stopped playing for extended periods throughout WOTLK)
03/10/2011 9:04 PMPosted by Ises
No it has not.

lol the post by marketnstein made about 5+ different points and you said "No it has not".

Care to actually articulate so we can understand.
03/10/2011 3:08 PMPosted by Irokain

Valid, but considering that all of the "rehashed content" has been done within a year and a half (out of almost six and a half), I can understand (and agree with) the concern.

Hell, some could even argue that Cataclysm itself is yet another example considering that a ton (if not the vast majority) of the revamped questing content are the very same quests, just moved around to accommodate.

Yet another person complaining about content they have NOT done just to fit in with the other whiners.

I was going to respond to this questioning how you get off claiming it's content I haven't done, but after reading the 7 posts you have on one page arguing with people, I realized you're just trolling. You go girl.

Except that's exactly what you(Blizzard) have told us recently.
That you took a number of people that worked on WoW and have moved them on to Titan.
So really, yes, that does happen.

That wasn't at all the context of the post to which I was responded. That player was suggesting that a singular art team directs their attention away from WoW to work on art for our other games. That's not true.

Now, if an individual person does move onto a new project, their position is filled. Therefore, the resources are still there (which is why I said "in the sense you're suggesting"). This is how career advancement works at any company. How else do you account for a company's growth? You bring in new talent (or move them up from within the company) and train them under the current folks so they can eventually fill the vacancy.

This talk about losing WoW developers, or that WoW is left to a "B team" is getting tiresome. There is no finite pool of talent and we have every intention of making sure WoW development remains very strong.

All of this is practically besides the point anyway. All you've been told is some talented people who helped build WoW into what it is today have moved over to another project to help bring it to fruition. You don't know who those people are, what positions they held on the WoW team, or how many of them have moved onto other projects. Most of them, in fact, are programmers working to develop the systems and tech for a new project. And the programmers WoW has now are amazing. They've taken the original systems and improved upon them many times over.

Just as an example, think back to how slowly UI improvements would be implemented in vanilla and TBC. Now there are scores of great UI improvements nearly every patch. That team is incredible and very experienced. Just the same, the class design team has hardly changed in years, save for a couple of additions (read: not subtractions).

Every department at Blizzard has expanded immensely over the years to accommodate the growing playerbase, as well as our ambitions for the future of the company. You can look at our job opportunities page just to get an example for the talent search we have constantly going on.

Bringing in new talent and growing the company from within is far from a bad thing. It's a great thing and has allowed us to develop several projects simultaneously without short-changing any of them. Anyone who says otherwise is working on an incredible amount of speculation and assumptions.

And even still, the WoW development leadership remains largely unchanged. Every time I stop by to chat with these people -- the same people I've been interacting with for years now -- I'm inspired by their creativity, their talent, and their dedication to making this game mega-awesomesauce. ;)

When your COO says stuff like this:

During the interview, Sams wouldn't refer to the MMO's "Titan" name, but rather labeled it simply as "The Project." At first he ultimately rehashed the tidbits of information we've received in prior reports: World of Warcraft will continue to receive support and additional content, and the new MMO will be complimentary rather than competitive. On the business end, that makes perfect sense: why move the herd from one farm to the other when you can earn twice the revenue with two farms and two herds?

He then bragged about the team working on the new MMO, saying that Blizzard created a "dream team" by tossing together their most experienced developers -- those that made World of Warcraft such a huge financial success. That said, Sams said that their byproduct will simply "blow people's minds.",news-35111.html

I see how some people could come to the conclusions that they do.
"To me, I'd say, it takes two to tango. A decision to wildly change the focus of the game to a more difficult or hardcore or whatever you wish to call Cataclysms model was made"
This is merely what I was referring too.
I completely disagree
There you go

Wonderful. I myself wouldn't Completely disagree, but true in some respects. There was a shift in the idea of less AOE encounters, more CC and Healing took quite a big overhaul. There wasn't a "Wild change to the focus of the game", it's still the same, fights are being percieved as more difficult, and if you compare them to alot of WOTLK fights they are alot more challenging. However they are mostly challenging because of the changes to healing or certain little bits of the fight that once you nail they become easy. So imo, yes, there has been some difficulty increases to the game, but mainly only because of healing changes, or people not adjusting yet to the new Cata style. Which is not a focus shift, merely a adjustment period.
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