best proffessions for DK's

Death Knight
yea im new to this whole race and still getting used to the runes etc but my first told me u start at a decent lvl for proffesions etc. but what ones should i get? this dk will be for pvp
I wen't mining + engineering. Stamina boost for pvp + income from mining, and lots of cool tinkers for world-pvp and random bgs from engineering.
I'd go for the engineering goggles if I didn't have a sneaking suspicion they won't be updated every tier.
JC/mining, keep everything you make with JC, then drop mining for enchanting. DE all the @%@# you made, use those mats to level up enchanting.

That's what I did only I just skipped the mining part cause gold isn't hard.
Just pick two that you think you'll enjoy, and/or get reasonable use out of.

Me, I went Herbalism / Inscription. I have a fascination with writing and such, IRL, so Inscription just appealed to me. Herbalism, well ... "free" mats for my Inscription efforts, heh.
Engineering is the only must PvP Profession. JC, BS, LW is what I would take as my second. Provide good stats.
With Synapse Springs now granting 480 strength every minute (and, of course, the sexy goggles) engineering can also be great for PvE if you ever need to PvE.

The chants LW gives you beats out everything really.
For PvE: Jewelcrafting + Blacksmith
For PvP: Jewelcrafting + Engineering

This is pretty much the case for all classes.
Take gathering professions while you level. Drop them at 85 if you want some additional stats.

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