Heroic Halls of Origination

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03/17/2011 7:57 PMPosted by Lapse
just remove the other 3 bosses and put the loot on rajh, problem solved. as it is i don't do the daily because i don't have a spare 7 hours per char per week, making these bosses compulsory will make me drop group as soon as i see this long ass instance.

fine leave the instance we wont care but smirk as you now have a deserter debuff and we just reque knowing that eventually someone in the que is gonna stay and we can get the full clear in. its what we had to do with occulus and i never had to wait long just kept requing till ppl stuck around.

i had it , i quit wow finally after all these years . getting kicked simply for asking to clear all bosses is over. for all you vp seekers and quick instance runners why dont you just harass wow to make them put all rewards and vp on the first boss in every instance so you can just kill that one and leave!!!!!!!!

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