What one spell would you want IRL and why?

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Enraged Regeneration

It's basically like being Wolverine.
Teleport/portal for sure. To hell with these gas prices.

You're all dead.
Ritual of Summoning, imagine being able to bring anyone in the world to your location as long as you have two friends with you.
@Betherzam lol

Find a random group of people and... BOOM! suddenly every1 is huge and is tearing #!!! up.


I'd open my own airport. With little over head and offering my customers instant travel I'd make a killing over my competitors.
Ring of Frost. Always pack ice skates. Lovely afternoon skating with that special girl /baww

That or bear form for that uppity Costco girl that won't take the coupon that's, seriously, like only a day old.

*edit* Actually misdirect would be great. Go to the bar with Tom and Bill.
/target Tom
/cast Misdirect
/target Bartender
/y "You a b*tch!"
/target Tom
I would say levitate would be my first choice, and flight form...just so i could fly around and crap on random people :)
First Choice: Find treasure
Second Choice:stealth
Curse of Tongues, so I can freak people in church out by casting it on the preacher. That, or Druid Transformations.
I'm a teacher, so, Silence.

But, Blink would be nice, as would Invisibility or a Hearthstone, but a flight form would be awesome.

And, yeah, some healing would be cool.
Teleport NYC
Teleport LA
Teleport London
Teleport Paris
Teleport Tokyo
Teleport etc...

.. yeah yeah, if you tip me I'll create a portal :)
Summon Succubus.

Ah the fun i would have ^.^
just give me a hearth stone and life would be so much easier
Cure Disease

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