Unequip macro?

UI and Macro
Is there a way to unequip something in macro? like
/unequip 2hweapon
/equip shield
/cast spell reflect

obviously that doesn't work, but that's the jist of what i'm trying to do.
You can try use /equipslot without an item. I'm not sure if it works or not.

i.e./equipslot 17
/equip Shield

Equipment sets will definitely do what you want.

Make a set called SwordBoard with your Shield and your desired Main Hand weapon (if you don't have a 1h when in Arms, leave the slot empty but don't ignore it) equipped, all other slots ignored. Make another set called TwoHand with your two-handed weapon(s) equipped, all other slots ignored.

/equipset SwordBoardThis equips the set called SwordBoard.
Better to just make an equipment set that has those slots empty if you only want to unequip things.

I have a guildee who does this so he can leap from tall things and die without incurring a repair bill.
i know exactly what ur looking fore, im looking for it too, its for those damn casters in pvp...
what im hoping to find is similar
equip shield
cast spell reflect
equip two handed wep

something u can do fast while in battle

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