Unearthing Uldum (103/105)...Where Else?!

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Like the title says, I am on 103/105 of the Unearthing Uldum achieve...I've done everything I can find!! I just finished the last quest I was on (Doing it the Hard Way, killing all 4 bosses in Halls of Origination) and I thought I would get credit for another quest....but I didn't :'(

Anyway...I've searched Hi & Lo for more quests and cannot find any...can you please help?!

During the Neferset quest chain you would have visited a small temple between the Obelisk of the Stars and the Halls of Origination. There is a quest available there that, for some reason, is not available while you're on the chain. Do that quest and be sure to loot the quest mobs. They will drop a "This Item Starts a Quest" item which will lead into another very fun chain that will get you past 105.

Other things to consider: There are various mobs in Uldum who start a quest the moment that you kill one of them. These include the hyenas around the Obelisk of the Stars, the scarabs who live in the chamber below it, and the vultures who fly above the Cradle of the Ancients. If you're up for a bigger challenge and want a few raw blue gems, the dragon at the Obelisk of the Moon will drop a quest item when he's slain. Best to do that with a group unless you're good at kiting.
I did the 104th quest by doing a dungeon which was a mistake. Brann was hilighted with a yellow ? and finished the quest 104 and then accepted the 105 th quest but when finishing the quest I could not find where to turn it in even thouh there was a Yellow ? on map. Well to make thing worse I abandon the quest and now lost all. How do you do the quest without doing a dungeon? Now how can redo a completed quest 104 and 105 , can' find how to see the quests? what a mess.
What if you didn't loot the mobs can u still get the quest?
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What if you didn't loot the mobs can u still get the quest?

You can kill hyenas, buzzards and scarabs to get the quest item.

Also check the east (middle and south) side of Uldum as there are quests down there that go over the zone achievement count.

I did all the pest killing quests, the whole chain with Harrison Jones quests, I've done Schnottz landing, and all the rest. I currently have 99 of 105 quests done for this achievement, I looked everywhere, looked at over 20 forums and still couldn't get anywhere, tried killing the dragon and it wouldn't die for some reason and I couldn't get the quest from him. All I remember is losing interest and quitting uldum near Obelisk of the Moon. When I went back there, there were no quests. Please help me.
Usually it is best not to resurrect such ancient threads, but better to create a new thread. Anyway, perhaps you might check the addons Wholly and Grail. They should be able to tell you what quests you are missing and where to start them.
Look underground (fly lower/slower) for faint !'s you may have missed. Try the first place you met Dr. Jones.
Search for the http://www.wowhead.com/item=62483/a-i-d-a-communicator .
And kill Myzeryan for http://www.wowhead.com/item=63700 .
Both of them will grant you a quest.
Uldum was the worst nightmare for anyone who tries to get the lore master at lv 100. Many times you have to get naked and kill yourself and get resurrect sickness in order to complete some quests. And you CANNOT skip any of them. You almost have to do every single quest you can find otherwise you will be stuck on 103, 104/105. And there are so many quests that get activated only by killing some mobs in some specific area. This post is helpful, tho.
Theres a toy called Soft Foam Sword in Org to that will lower anything 20 levels or more below you to low hp.

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