Exalted with Darnassus

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Anyone have any tips on getting exalted with Darnassus on my 19 Dwarf Shaman?
Need something to do while waiting on que times for dungeon grinding.
Where should I quest?
start in the NElf starting area and work straight through about ashenvale/stonetalon. Should put you pretty close to exalted. Or once you get friendly buy the tabard and run dungeons wearing it.
Go to darnassus, buy the darnassus tabard from the darnassus vendor, wear the tabard in those dungeons. While you wait in queue you can quest in Teldrassil and Darkshore. In a level you can even get into Ashenvale.

Good luck!
Alright thanks!

edit: Which route should I take to Ashenvale?
Just get the tabard and run dungeons with it, ull get exalted by the time you're 30-35. Unless you're in a hurry thats more than enough, if you are just go do quests in the nelf areas.
1. Get the tab and run dungeons as often as possible.

2. Get in a guild that have +rep perks

3. Do all the lower level quest that have anything at all to do with the Nightelves.

Should be Ex in a few days if that.

Plan on getting it today ^_^

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