Healers Have to Die, part III

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Trust me on this. This mod will be dead in a month or 2. Just like AVG.

If it gets shut down that's fine, I don't use it because I don't need it.
03/13/2011 1:53 PMPosted by Kevyne
An addon that auto targets healers. I can see that being banned by Blizzard very soon. Thats not exactly very sporting and I personally for one hope Blizz either hotfix the game so it no longer works or at least encourage curse gaming and others to stop listing the mod.

Any addon that interferes with a role's ability to even play, is game breaking. A role that has lost too many in Cata.

A typical BG may have only 2 healers. There are times only 1. Try even healing a 10 man raid with one healer. Add that the raid boss is constantly focusing on you, not the tank on top of it.

Without the mod, players had to actually find the healer all over the map. Healers in the same class gear as others (Holy paladins look like Prots, shield and weapon included) that the other team has to find in the "fog of war".

This mod eliminates the CHANCE, and is at odds with gameplay itself.

Healers are not hard to find, stop acting like they are.
If the stink about this makes Blizzard make it so that mods can not alter nameplates I am not going to be pleased. Tidy plates is one of those mods I just don't want to play without.
AVR altered the game environment itself. This does not. Keep grasping at straws though, you might latch on at some point.

Being melee negatively effects my game experience because they see me as a bigger threat than the mage spamming frostbolt on top of the hill 20 yards away.

Ban melee.

Strawman. The typical response of bads who need this addon.

Reworded your exact argument, therefore by the transitive property...
I feel like a lot of you are exaggerating. A lot.

That's pretty much this entire series of threads in a nutshell.

Not one single person in here has any real evidence that the mod is actively being used against them. They simply now know of its existence, and therefore take notice of themselves getting focus fired more than they normally would, and link that occurrence with this mod.

It's a common thing people do when they need to have something to blame for all the bad things that happen in their lives.

It doesn't really take a genius to realize when a healer is around. "Oh man, I almost had that guy I was attacking but then his health suddenly jumped back up to almost full. Oh hey look, it's that hybrid class who's not really attacking anything and his hands keep glowing bright green/white. Gee, I sure wish I could find that lousy healer who's making my life so difficult."

I realize that you're on this little book burning crusade because you want to blame this mod for all of your troubles in PVP, but you also need to understand that "breaking" a mod isn't as simple as you might think, and the majority of the time it also affects innocent bystanders. More often than not, in order to "break" a mod for good you have to disable a core functionality which many other, completely unrelated mods, make good use of.

In order to break this you would likely have to completely disable either combat log parsing, or name plate modifications altogether. This would royally piss off hundreds of thousands of people.
03/13/2011 1:59 PMPosted by Pupcakez
No Difference between this type of addon and Deadly Boss Mods. Quit the qq and play better.

Because DBM negatively affects a player, amirite? Bosses are not players. By the way, nice main there.

Give us some detail about how this negatively affects you. I know it's been said before, but consolidate and spell them out for us.

Reworded your exact argument, therefore by the transitive property...

Because one argument is obviously a blanket-statement for all arguments, right?

Look up the definition of strawman.

You committed it.


You're bad at this, by the way.

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