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So very sad how the devs completely ignore what the players were asking and instead answer back with "we like it this way" in general. It's like a press conference at the White House.

Hunters are good for very skilled players? Srsly? Ha. Our rotation is keybind 1, keybind 2, boot hunter from group, keybind 3... and so on. Sure there are some very skilled hunters but so very few and far between. That's why you have level 80 - 85 ebay spec hunters in randoms asking what "trap" and "md" mean. I swear I have screen shots of this happening.

The question on skinning was a good question, the "answer" was equivalent to "go take a nap Joey, here's a milk and cookie". Fields of dead animals just waiting to despawn is more like it, you need to go back and think about what your player asked.

The question about people staying in the major cities and the rest of the world being empty - spot on. Waiting on a queue takes so long you can auto log from being afk. Once you hit 85, outside of dailies, what's left except raid time? Your answer.... failed.

Blizz, keep your devs or whomever crafted these so called responses in a closet. You now not only don't make sense, you're just being outright rude to the people who took time to communicate their frustrations to you in a polite way. Apologies are owed to everyone who waited to get "answers" from the "devs" and to those who wasted time reading the thread. This game and your over PR has wandered/slipped so far from what made - not makes - you great.

A: We are pretty happy with PvP balance overall. We think this season may be the best overall in terms of balance. There are definitely some areas where we can improve. Remember that part of our goal with Cataclysm was to encourage more players to try Rated Battlegrounds as an alternative to Arenas. Some classes that struggle in Arena, like hunters and Balance druids, perform very well in Battlegrounds. We recognize that Rated Battlegrounds haven’t yet caught on with players, especially more casual PvP players, as much as we’d like.

Are the Dev's playing the same game we are? I cant remember the last time I thought to myself oh wow that hunter hurts... or ever thought a boomy does..
hate how some of the first couple comments are just people cheering how they are the 2nd or 3rd comment.
03/14/2011 9:00 AMPosted by Nethaera
We really wanted Rated Battlegrounds to be attractive to players who loved PvP but weren’t huge fans of Arenas.

So we made them just like arenas, but you have to find even more good players to be on your team.
personaly i find the casting graphics of a human or a gnome to be more desirable thent he undead one i use. would it possible to make some of the costume altering effect persist though death so i can use say a pygmy gnome costume in battelgrounds without worry that its gunna go away when i die i think this would be simple and very nice addition for some of us who love our race/class but arent very fond of our attack/cast graphic persay
I am so sick of blizzards lame attempts to explain how this game requires more skill to play. Mages get everyones moves, only missing ability to heal others, rogues are a play style that is about fighting an enemy that can't fight back from stun locks, dk's and the late wrath ret paly was just a rediculous, face rolling on the key board = win, play style etc, etc.

All of this from complaints starting with enhancement shamans back in vanilla being op. Their answer was to give shamans to alliance, and palies to horde and change the class entirely?? Really????? Lets make it so that if you are in a guild and pve a lot, you will be able to purchase pvp gear but lets not allow pvp points to convert for pve gear. Lets claim we will allow this conversion in cata with pvp/pve points to purchase pve gear if you happen to pvp a lot but then lets just not impliment it at all, even though that is what we told the public before cata released.

I have made many supporting posts defending pvp playstyle and the lack of attention slow bg creation and development and the considerations of pvpers in general over 2 expansions. It seems the devs are too busy creating pets and mounts....that is nice and all but pay attention to pvp just a little bit. The only two classes that I ever rolled, the specs especially, were nerfed consistantly that I hate the game now. I have only ever made two classes, a shaman and a warrior. Originally, WF was only a 20% chance to proc anyways but I could understand seeing that it should not have a proc off of a wf proc but they fixed that just before bc but they just couldnt stop changing the class. I could even understand that the enhancement spec also needed an optional duel weilding talent for pve but the 2 hander spec should have been left alone. So i rolled a warrior.

My arms warrior....??? The late, great GForce even quit according to his latest movie with the post explaining that he is still trying to "bear" Cata and only plays wrath. Arms warrior current state of nerfs: shared gap closing cds; increases spell reflection cd (like warriors need any more nerfs to moves that protect us against casters); hamstring proc gone; cd on shouts? really??; disarmable bs; 100 to 30 max rage execute nerf was retarded; ms nerf ( also given to multiple classes including mages(cuz they can never ever have enough of everyones moves like BL); and just the constant change to the arms tree/class itself. This is exactly what happened to shamans at the end of vanilla.

Ive never been alliance nor have i ever rolled a face rolling on the keyboard = win, class. I refuse to support the "flavor of the month" trend.

What a horrible nerfing experience, blizzard.

/cancelaura reoccuring subscription to blizzard
/cast 2.09 GB of 8.36GB of Rift downloaded.
Q: Would you tell me your thoughts about the recent PvP balance? I’m wondering about the future plans that Devs has on PvP balance change. For example, only a few number of Hunter are found in the Arena and this has not been changed for years. - Stormnreaker (Korea)
A: We are pretty happy with PvP balance overall. We think this season may be the best overall in terms of balance. There are definitely some areas where we can improve. Remember that part of our goal with Cataclysm was to encourage more players to try Rated Battlegrounds as an alternative to Arenas. Some classes that struggle in Arena, like hunters and Balance druids, perform very well in Battlegrounds. We recognize that Rated Battlegrounds haven’t yet caught on with players, especially more casual PvP players, as much as we’d like.

What a crock of $#%!

You mean to tell me that the dev's were and are happy with the way warlocks were and are virtually useless piles of punching bags in Pvp?! Nothing ever changes, except the customers game of choice. When it hits. Either Guild Wars 2 or Star Wars The Old Rebublic will not only be my choice. But many many others as well. When that day comes, I will gladly uninstall and cancel my account with Blizztard with unrelenting pleasure.

An avid orchid grower for 48 years now, I really get a kick out of being chased around by orchid plants. They are getting even for all the orchid plants I've killed over the years. Kudos to the designers that created these works of art, they are very realistic as far as the blooms go. Does some designer grow orchids in the spare time you talk about?
I agree, adding a more realistic feel to things like ice and wind would be wonderful. Other games have done it... But it might just make lag.
Q: Players don’t use the client-implemented Voice Chat feature because third party applications are much betters. Can I expect improvements in the voice quality and a fix in the delay issue in the future? – 밥상의달인 (Korea)
A: We aren’t at all happy with the quality and feature set of Voice Chat. We think we can do a lot better. While we aren’t working on it right this moment, the next time we revisit Voice Chat, we want it to be an epic improvement, the same way Dungeon Finder redefined Looking for Group.
Possible solution:
I use Skype for my arena and BG's, how do you feel about a similar system where you can only communicate with people on your friends list and you just call them when they are online. It is just my observation don't know how it works so don't know if it is possible.
I Remember blizzard saying somewhere: "Bring the player, Not the class"
this is why the classes feel watered down and generic... although this only effects people who have more than 3 toons... and with dual spec this is getting even more watered down...

but personally i think its one of the most ingenious things blizzard has ever thought of...
oh yeah and pummel needs to be a 5 second CD like windshear lmfao, halfus makes me wanna bring my shaman just for one fight and this is not what blizzard wanted with their new stance on class design...

see my post #371.
i can say without a doubt now that hunters are the most whined about class in the game any ways what i want to know is this......

with all the changes that are coming for other classes why does it feel like rogues are yet again being left out yet again and it will as usual take an entire expansion to get rogues "right"?

if you look at the patch notes rogues are getting a nerf/buff to recuperate and a buff to stealth (which as far as i know druids stealth is STILL better than a rogues and its OUR core mechanic) do you guys actually GO into the rogue forums or are we just ignored on the things that are wrong/broken with our class?

I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. Have you read the last few patch notes? As a rogue, I feel better than I have since any time in Wrath. I do way more damage then I did before, and in the upcoming patch, they're making it so that a rogue would rather be in stealth than visible...I think this is a great thing that really fits in with the whole rogue "idea." Yes, there are always things that should be worked on. However, I'm really excited for the upcoming patch, and I'm already very happy with where I've been.

Granted, I've been subtlety for everything but raids/heroics since...ever. I would be interested to know if you're trying to pvp right now in combat (or assassination).
I like the idea of an appearance tab. Mostly I think they ability to have different facial models and height/weight scaling is needed the most. All humans look like they are He-Man. We're all the same height and since there is only a few facial models I see myself all over the place. Everquest 1 had just as many templates as we do now. That was a patch they did back in like 1998. This is a much needed fix. Please please please please with chocolate cake on top.

As for what they've done to locks..ick I'm really and affliction lock, but don't even bother to play my favorite spec anymore. Too much nerfing. Demonology skyrocketed forever a while back and still i refused. Finally somewhere just before the patch I went demonology and then they nerfed it badly. Still playable, but almost useless in pvp. Affliction is a pvp spec so it got nerfed for pve, subtlety a pvp spec so its nerfed for pve, at least thats how I see it with specs i think are best for pvp.

Rogues now have a self heal button??? huh So i have to self heal during combat or I can't fight more that one regular quest monster at a time. So now I'm a priest/rogue :)

I don't particularly like quiet a few things, but please keep trying. Mostly we're all still here because most of the content rocks.
Q: Considering how often changes meant to balance PVE performance for certain classes then creates imbalance in their performance in PVP, and vice verse, have the developers ever considered completely separating the two? – Azunya (North America/ANZ)
A: That’s a common solution proposed by our active forum participants for whom balance may be the single most important concern when they play. You have to put yourself in the mind of a new player just trying to pick up the game though. Already there are a bewildering array of class abilities and talents, many with their own idiosyncrasies or special rules. Now you have to virtually double that if you want all of the player spells to have a PvE and a PvP tooltip. We prefer solutions like resilience and diminishing returns on crowd control that are more global rules rather than virtually every ability having a PvE vs. a PvP coefficient. We want it to feel like one game with a unified set of rules.

Hippocritical statement alert!
•Colossus Smash now ignores 50% of a hostile player's armor (PvP), but continues to ignore 100% of a non-player character's armor (PvE).

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