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i'm not really use to Forum communication but i have a few point i'd like to point to Devs team.
1) is there any updatein stats on the gear you can get From profession since you find thing 3 time better now out there in loot or quest reward they are pretty much only good to DE or vendor.

2) i know you might want to make the Cata gem accessible but why is the Wotlk gem Transmute from Alchemy are on the same CD than Truegold a lot of ppl might dont care but some that still have some toon to lvl would like to enjoy them and now the only way to get them is to farm for hours and hours to get a few out of titanium ore since a lot less amount of ppl farm those
sorry if those point are out of subject
anyone know what there planning to do with the cave thats south of temple of aq?
The reason rated battleground are so unpopular with the casual player is because it is back to sitting around trying to find a group BEFORE you can even que for them. When they were first mentioned I recall the post saying they were going to work like normal battlegrounds and people could que for them solo and be placed in a group and that allowing this would make high end pvp gear more accessible to the casual player who did not have a huge guild to pull people from or who did not have time to sit around in the cities trying to get 10-15 people in a group.

Yet, when they were put in group even though the post had said they were aiming to avoid these issues they still require 1. a huge guild to draw from. 2. A lot of time sitting around trying to get a group to go with. Essentially making them large arenas with a few objectives thrown in.

As someone from the wow team seemed to be aware of at the time of the first posting putting together a 10-15 man team can be rather time consuming especially if you happen to be one of those people that has not had the time to spend hours on line gathering all the gear. Standing around a city spamming for people to join the group it can take 1-2 hours to get 10-15 people which is pretty much the out side limit of the casual players time frame to play, in other word by the time the get the 10-15 people they have to go so it was a waste of there time and effort. The result ? you have already geared players that just wanted a change from the Arenas being the only ones that go to rated battlegrounds.

Want more people in them ? go back to the original formula that it would work like a regular battleground and a guy can que solo. As long as they require a pre-formed group for queing the casual player is not going to bother with them.
This is a great post.
You now not only don't make sense, you're just being outright rude to the people who took time to communicate their frustrations to you in a polite way. ... This game and your over PR has wandered/slipped so far from what made - not makes - you great.
While I wasn't so blunt earlier, this is pretty much how I feel as well. If you don't want to solidly consider questions/requests and give quality real answers rather than PR smokescreen, don't insult us by trying to pass it off as a dialog.
On the appearance tab:

1) I'm keeping my WOTLK end game armor, the set with the boar's head shoulders, hoping that someday I'll be able to use that model again and make it my permanent look. Having seen wild boar (not feral pigs, but actual wildschwein) in the training areas in Germany in my time in the service, they truly are majestic beasts, standing 1/2 your height, striped bronze and black, surprisingly graceful, and utterly fearless because they can tear you in half, and if they can't the four more coming behind them will. It's very cool armor that captures a peice of their majesty. It's a shame I can't wear them every day and pay tribute to the artists among you who made them. Whoever that artist is, sitting dejected in a cubicle and being sat on by a project manager: you rock. Thanks!

2) Here's a way to keep your models class appropriate and retain distinctive silohouettes without implementing much new: if you've ever worn a peice of class appropriate armor (ie: one that says "warrior" on it,) it's model gets saved to your wardrobe. Then you can make any other peice of class appropriate armor look like it. So I may look like a war from two expansions ago, but I'll still be recognizably a war.

3) I think it's odds that while you give us choice with so many things that do matter (talents, z.b.) you can't give us this choice for something that matters dearly to us and scarcely effects gameplay. If I want to hide what I am, I drink a noggenfogger and suddenly I'm a skeleton. You say "ahh, but you're a skellie with a shield so people know you're probably a tank" and I'll say ".... Then would my class be any more hidden by my armor models than it is by a noggenfogger?" Shoot, if I can't change my models, at least give me dyes so I can color my armor so I don't look like an impressionist rainbow trout. Games with an infinitesmal fragment of the talent invested in them that WoW have way more customized appearances. City of LOLoes, for example.

But let me wear my boar armor again and I'll change my name to boaroboaro. See if I don't.


Wishy Washy Answers.
lots of classes have aoes that sit on the ground like fire and boomkin can already knock people off cliffs in PVP its quite annoying
I wish there were more new development questions, such as in environmental-mechanics like wind blowing you around or losing ground-friction causing you to slide on ice.

How epic would it be to have a weather-control-device in a 40person BG where you can blow unsuspecting people off a cliff with the power of wind, turn the ground into smoldering fire to force them to move, or make them slip/slide down a hill?

I wonder if the devs found the questions posed to them quality or off-target.

boomkin and shamen can already push people off cliffs if you have never been pushed off a cliff by a boomkin or a shamen consider your self lucky its annoyinf and you can do any thing about it if you dont have some sort of slow fall or bubble
What are the Dev's going to do about the botters. (Which is a leading concern to my possible cancellation of all 3 accounts)

I've only been playing wow for several months now. I folded do to my philosophy against Pay to Play games. I have been proven wrong to an extent. There is still a monumental problem witth the indies-asian botting companies destroying gaming experience and inflating the market value of items and gold bought illegally.

I am a crafting buff, I would rather craft my heart out before leveling. However crafting requires farming. Farming takes a while to do. However, taking Zagarand for an example Highly enriched with Adamantite and Fel Iron. Best place to farm for these ores.
Yet in the past few days I have noticed that when I would fly around for an hour or two on specific paths, and only find 3-7 veins when in the past I could hit 30 veins in 40 minutes. This is getting to me.

I have also noticed that in the Auction house is riddled with stupid names like U142B or RTFI that have been selling mass amounts of (20)stacks of these ores.

I reported two suspected botters and seen them banned out of the AH within an hour. (BUSTED)

So with this concern, I suggest something new. Its called the dummy vein, acts and looks just like a vein, it produces ores and gems like usual. But most bots dont have discretion in what it picks up. Make an item, that is invisible to the inventory, but can red flag the account.
The item is seen in the vein and can be rejected and the vein would disappear. (This item can take on random skins yet not be an actual name)

Would the Dev's consider doing this kind of anti-bot insert?
Q: Daily Battlegrounds only reward 25 conquest points, which is really low (considering the fact that daily heroic dungeon rewards 70 valor points). Would you consider to adjust that, as Battlegrounds attracts PvP beginner more than Arena does. –賽君 (Taiwan)
A: I think it’s fair to say that Rated Battlegrounds aren’t yet offering rewards commensurate with the logistical and time commitments that they ask. We really wanted Rated Battlegrounds to be attractive to players who loved PvP but weren’t huge fans of Arenas. We don’t think we’re quite there yet and Arenas continue to be very popular just because they take fewer players and can be completed quickly. If you love Arenas, great. But we want there to be alternatives.

I don't think the question was answered at all
I love the look of the lvl 333 hunter gear.
Is there any chance I can just add the 359 stats to that set ? that would be sweeeeet =D
Q: Considering how often changes meant to balance PVE performance for certain classes then creates imbalance in their performance in PVP, and vice verse, have the developers ever considered completely separating the two? – Azunya (North America/ANZ)
A: That’s a common solution proposed by our active forum participants for whom balance may be the single most important concern when they play. You have to put yourself in the mind of a new player just trying to pick up the game though. Already there are a bewildering array of class abilities and talents, many with their own idiosyncrasies or special rules. Now you have to virtually double that if you want all of the player spells to have a PvE and a PvP tooltip. We prefer solutions like resilience and diminishing returns on crowd control that are more global rules rather than virtually every ability having a PvE vs. a PvP coefficient. We want it to feel like one game with a unified set of rules.

Colossus Smash now ignores 50% of a hostile player's armor (PvP), but continues to ignore 100% of a non-player character's armor (PvE).

^ What happened, blizzard?
03/14/2011 10:18 AMPosted by Bashiok
Excuse me? We answered the majority of the questions which had the most votes by the forum community. If you don't like the questions answered then you should ask your own, and/or vote on those you'd like to see answered.

Like that is possible within 20 minutes of it being posted it was full. And a lot of them were by the same poster.

Which brings up a question did blizzard employee's or Dev's post on here to fill space?
Rain of Fire, Earthquake, Hurricane, Typhoon, etc.. AoEs in general. They do that, and many are "forces of nature". Anything on a grande scale would just be unbelievably over-powered and unfair.
Better idea Blizzard do a Devo's ask for help page.

They put up question's they are having problems with and we give you answers.

Seeing how you always dodge good questions and give well maybe answers to the bad ones you choose to answer (lol like you really answered them).
Some of the posts here are down right rude and unnecessary attacks on the devs. I actually liked the light hearted question of what their favourite escape is, its nice to have a bit of a fun question to answer and I enjoyed the responses.

I understand the frustration in some of the answers, but don't attack them for answering a fun question too, I mean hell I like to answer a fun question now and then, it adds to giving the feeling its still a fun job to do. I am not sucking up but anyone who has watched their video on how blizzard came to be would realise just how much they sacrificed for each game to make it what it is. They are by no means being lazy or careless about it.

As for some of the answers, I do agree the BG issue was not really answered, and I agree with the crowd that we should be able to change the looks of our gear without sacrificing stats, I really REALLY REALLY wish I could wear the bc tiers again, they were my most fav sets. I think having everyone being able to choose what they look like would give alot more life to the game as everyone is not the same. I would love to see what other people come up with in their choice of styles.

Much like DCU its actually quite fun being able to customise how your gear looks without sacrificing stats, and I have seen some awesome setups in DCU with the customising looks setting, its really a feature that would go brilliantly in WOW and we wouldnt have 200 ppl looking the same.. Which is quite boring really..
namely mages. Mages are fail in WoW. Rogues lose the ability to disabling them. Warriors lose their stun effects and mages get insta-crit, spammy cast like ice lance. not cool Blizz. L80ETC shouldwrite a song about mages called, "I spam icelance cause I have no skill to hit more than one button."
1. Can we get more diverse creatures in Azeroth? Usually its the same monster with different colors and names, would like to see new modeled monsters.

2. Will you make more class exclusive based quests to get gear to better suit our characters?

3. Can you make the titan grip ability be available to the death knight class?

4. What was the reason why Worgens couldnt become Paladins?

5. Outland seems to be the most boring place that players have to level up through, is there a way to add "wow factors" to it to bring back high level players?

6. When will the next expansion be coming out?

7. When will the next raid that contains Deathwing be available?

8. Will there be any increase in item drops that are less than 1%? These 0.2 and 0.3 chance drops are beyond irritating, they should be increased at least by 5-10%

9. Can you fix it to where we can change classes except from a DK to another class?
Agree the worst
Agree but One small thing Please make Balance a little better When it comes to pvp Im a Standing rock that just gets @%!#d

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