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Sir i agree with you 100% it would be awesome, hell, imagine that you are flying but a heavy storm, or ice storm, or sand storm clouds your vision and also makes you start losing altitude, and ultimately making you land, to a world with a lot of fog/sand revolving, i know i'm asking too much, but is and idea, i think it could give a new meaning to explorers
For the Appearance Tab:

Can you actually make it so we can use the dyes to color our armor? Im in BC and most of the time I look like a space clown.

It would be nice to use Black or Red Dye to give me a nice, uniform look.
I know the teams at blizzard work hard to design our gear and make us look fancy and stuff, but it some what feels like the gear is progressivly starting to look worse. If they could bring back the gear into actually feeling incredibly unique instead of just splattered green robes that make me look like a giant piece of snot. I would have to say being able to customize gear, Like dying it black or red, would be an amazing thing to have. I feel like the sets are losing the luster they had in vanilla, burning crusade and even wotlk. Maybe if it was possible to visit a npc such as a barber, but instead it being a tailor. And we could customize our gear for a decent amount of gold to look like previous sets. I will admit im a fool and deleted my old mercillious set from burning crusade I had stored in my bank. But I shouldnt have to do that in all honosty. We should be able to have more customization in gear whether it be a color change or a whole different outlook.
Charge and Intercept share the same cool down.

"Hello Mage, Hunter, Lock, Shammy, would you like a free kiting kill"?
Being that crowd control is essential in Cata, why is this issue not being addressed in the case of dps Death Knights and Warriors? I, for one, am getting sick of ending up with 3 Death Knights for dps in random dungeons and having each pull take what feels like forever or end up in a wipe because there are too many mobs. This is especially so in the case of Throne of the Tides and Vortex Pinnacle where there are groups of mobs that have more than one healer. I suppose I could always grab guild mates, but not every player has that option.
I have a q ... why are the devs taking out many of the old mounts?
Lol...round 2 is already locked. Seems i'm always late. I really would like to know when they remove the pvp achievements from the worldevents. In my opinion they do not belong there and mess up both pvp and pve. Hope somebody asked that question.
IMO the Dungeon Finder is hardly something to point to as a success, all-be-it a good attempt it has destroyed any social aspect of the game and in the case of my server made queue times longer. That said I can't give any ideas to make it better.
03/14/2011 9:36 AMPosted by Alimony
We are pretty happy with PvP balance overall. We think this season may be the best overall in terms of balance.

This is actually the worst season in terms of balance.

I agree 100% with you
First off, my main is a warrior, and its bloody hell trying to gain rage and keep it up. I'd much rather have a huge excess than struggle to keep it up.

Im currently leveling a hunter, and I have a fit every time I am pvping and someone runs straight through my traps and its resisted. Fully specced into Survival, so that shouldnt happen NEARLY as much as it does. Absolutely silly. (Paladins seem to resist more than other classes, no clue why though).

They screwed elemental shamans over beautifully. I was going to do Arenas, but not anymore...

I appreciate the effort put into answering questions by the Devs and who it may concern, just to set that straight. But saying things like "this seasons pvp is balanced" etc etc.... no, not really at all. End of story.

On a final note, the game needs a minimal playing age. 12 years at youngest. Any younger and things become hard as hell, espcecially in BG's.
I feel that u never address the key issues we have can u just hear us out and do something?
Our concerns have always included making sure that the character art still maintains a level of quality even if extensively customized, and making sure that character silhouettes are easily recognizable.

Players can already turn into a pirate or skeleton fulltime. In fact I often run random dungeons with at least one pirate/skeleton/ninja in my party, who drink nogenfoggers like healers drink water. This argument that people would put together silly outfits or become unrecognizable if an appearance tab was implemented is quite silly and doesn't match the realities already present in the game.

An appearance tab for my own toons would be great...I might still be a space-goat were I able to hid the twig legs with a kilt....but for the most part I don't pay attention to what everyone else is wearing. I pass by so many toons with apparently random assemblies of clothing that they all blend together like white noise. While complete sets catch the eye, the only time I look at what someone is wearing is when I'm making sure they're geared for the random. Perhaps affording players some say in what their toons look like would contribute to the epic-fantasy atmosphere of WoW.

IMO Blizz shouldn't be as concerned with whether or not a given toon looks the part, because a good number of wow players aren't paying attention anyway. We are, however, paying attention to what our own toons look like.
Q: What do the developers think of the current state of hunters? (PVP balance) – Albevil (Europe [Spanish])
A: Hunters are good for very skilled players and particularly in Rated Battlegrounds. Our challenge has always been to make the class a little more forgiving to play in PvP at the medium level without making them unbeatable in the hands of a truly talented player. We think the recent changes, such as Auto Shot on the move and allowing Deterrence to prevent attacks that typically always hit, will help bridge that gap. We’re starting to discuss more whether hunters need the opportunity to do some damage in melee range instead of always focusing on escape. While the hunter is ultimately a ranged class, it is true that other casters can make the decision to keep casting while in melee range, even if they suffer consequences for doing so.

As you can tell, you shouldn't be forgiving or lending our a favorable hand to a Class that's already completely screwed PvP wise. I have a Pretty decent PvP Set ( 3k Res Mostly Blues), And have been Destroyed Over and Over and Over again by Fresh 85 Mages/Warriors/Ench Shammies/ and Even Holy pallies.... Hunter's have no sinse of direction in a Small PvP Bracket like Arena's and such, But stand a chance if grouped with a heals in a BG. Their's alot of mechanics that need to be fixed, Like traps are resisted or just glitch out in 85% of the cases i put them down to CC, Deterence doesn't do anything except delay the enevatible, Disengage can be handy if your specced into the +% to RuN/Walk after cast. It was fairly intriguing to see Auto-shot able to cast on Run/Walk, But it still doesn't help the fact if you miss that Burst in PvP on Hunter's, it's basically a Wrap unless you have a beast-mode healer who can heal through the opposite sides burst. All in All, Hunter's are very Strong Atm PvE wise, But sinse i get destroyed by 300-316 greens/blue Characters in PvP who have Less Res/Dmg/ Skill then i do, I officially say Hunter's are out of the question for this seasons arena, Enough ranting about just some of the things that are wrong with hunters, and not even a Dent in all of them.

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