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Actually the problem is it is limited to 500 and 25% if not more are the same or lame ass pos questions that have no space being there. Frankly it a novel concept of "I tried" but you have failed in Class mechanics, Need to limit it to 3 choices now (tank, dps, heals) so the only change is class, the overall expansion is fail (within 4 weeks I did everything that could be done and then sat on my ass because I couldnt go checkout new start zones without that specific character to zone).

How about this for a final suggestion because it wont make the boards....

You give back healers the ability to fully heal. You allow dps to dps, you let tanks tank. No Wrath turned fail in the end but the content of the expansion itself was win. There are still quests I havent touched there. We lost the flexibility to be created and say holy *%*@ that worked. Now I google something see how it HAS to be done and then move on. Yippee lets all be cookies at christmas time. Talent trees with more "FUN" is a goddamn joke. Overall this has limited fun and after 3 months I have given up. I stop in to talk to the cool people I have met no other reason.

How about this... How many people from the origianl content class builds on the Developement teams are still around? How many interns have you pushed up that are trying to make names for themselves? How much does Activision force you to do things this one way because it is more cost effective. GL to you all this is by far the worse this game has been.
Please please please update the travelers tundra mammoth i put a lot of work in to get that cool mount whose use is now diminished. when i purchased the mount i had no idea the food was outdated.
03/15/2011 6:33 PMPosted by Zaknafeìn
I Remember blizzard saying somewhere: "Bring the player, Not the class"

here's that post:

our girl Zeria - and she's right :)
again.... does anyone know what there gonna do about the cave south of temple of aq?
How epic would it be to have a weather-control-device in a 40person BG where you can blow unsuspecting people off a cliff with the power of wind, turn the ground into smoldering fire to force them to move, or make them slip/slide down a hill?

I am sorry but this is an awful Idea
I feel like it would be a great idea to add voice chat to groups formed through Dungeon Finder.
03/14/2011 9:00 AMPosted by Nethaera
We are pretty happy with PvP balance overall. We think this season may be the best overall in terms of balance.

Ummmm no this is the worst season for balance and i really feel that it needs to be fixed. if hunters are kept the same i will not be pleased..... Frost Mages are still OP...Priest still run out of mana REALLYYYY FAST. ect. FIX IT you guys have never been this bad at this kind of stuff and im really disapointed i know 2 druids that quit this game just because of the cata downgrade on there spec... cmon guys do something right like You usually do..
My guild is a medium RP guild. Our purpose is to act for Azeroth when Horde and Alliance won't or can't. We are "embedded" in the WoW storyline. We allied with the Earthen Ring to fight the Twilights. We stockpiled supplies and ruthlessly sought the "influence" needed to get them. We have sent aid to Menethil and the Gilneans and Goblins. There were clues in the run-up to Cataclysm to "cue" the direction of our RP. Now RP has slowed, though we are sending agent teams to investigate the rifts in the Horde faction, with Hellscream more or less being reviled by the Forsaken, Trolls, and Tauren. Is there any way the overall Wow storyline can emerge more continuously and fluidly? It seems there are large blobs of new storyline with each release, but little in between. Thank you for being open to this sort of question!
i would most certainly love to see legendary gear sets for those who are already above and beyond most of the current heroic raid content in cataclysm. along with the ideas you guys brought from the heirloom items ( which i love by the way very nice) have the same idea applied to the legendary gear sets so those who worked hard for them could continue to "grow" with their gear rather than having to chuck it out for all greens and blues.

- an option for those who can manage and actually have the numbers for a 40 man should be maid available ( i miss the fun of old 40 man raids and dungeons even though the wait times weren't the best).

- dynamic gear which when aquired apply the wanted/required stats for your spec chosen, for example im all STR and get something that drops thats for tank but i win it anyways it would be nice to have it convert automatically to either the dps or healing or tanking spec chosen for the character . so if someone likes something a hunter is using ( a spear) and can use the weapon type but seeing AGILITY on it being unattractive would make them not want it anymore. ( doesn't get rid of reforging but allows people to be more happy with what drops).

- possibly an ability to add infusion of items ( combine rare with epic and heirloom to make something uniquely different for you to use).
no class is completely overpowered over the rest of the classes. it's completely dependent on the persons knowledge and understanding of the game along with experience which makes them seem more powerful than they were intended to be.

gear really has nothing at all with how powerful you are nor what class you choose or spec. you could be a naked mage with only mana shield against someone completely twinked out in pvp gear and still win.
The vendors that ride on my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth have fallen behind since the last expansion. Is it possible to have them check out the wares available from their competitors and update their selection? Considering the incredible number of hours I put into the hundreds of daily quests I completed to purchase the mount, I think it fair to ask that I not have to fly or hearth back to a city to purchase Highland Spring Water.
My god everyone in this game whines constantly.
Those are the most ridiculous ideas I've ever heard described. Just by the way.
You are insane. You haven't downed a single boss in any of the new raids, and yet you repeat multiple times "I've done everything this game has to offer."

Do you have an alt of every class leveled to 85? Are they all geared? Have you gone on a single raid?

"Let heals heal, dps do dps, and tanks tank" WHAT. That is what they do. What world of warcraft are you in man??
Healers who would prefer Spirit can just get the normal flasks. We’ll think about another way to handle this. Spirit is obviously very popular among healers, but we don’t want to have a system that pops up a window asking you which flask you want.

Not sure if an Admin is still reading these, but what if you have the Cauldron give BOTH the intellect and spirit flasks, and on-use of the preferred flask, it auto-destroys the other? This would be doable since you're restricted to a single cauldron flask at a time, so no chance of having a stack or the like.
hey!. sometimes i play my lvl24 hunter. hes marksman because aimed shot is extreamly powerful (TOO POWERFUL) although yes, it is a long cast, it also can completely 1 shot someone (lvl10-40 of equal level, or do massive damage, witch can easily be finished off with an arcane shot). i do not believe it is fair for anyone to have half a team be spawn camped in WSG by 1-2 hunters. also while i was on that hunter, i would run from this troll hunter, also Marksman. my aimed shot would deal approximately 400 non crit - 600-700 crits. but this troll had the same lvl as me just 500 hp more (nothing to complain about) aimed shot did 100-300 more damage than mine (still nothing to complain about) but when i would run his pet, little white tiger, his claw would HIT (not-crit) me several times for up to 300 a piece. either his pet has really high crit chance (pfft) or we need some srs *** kickin' and problem solvin. i also was on my lvl53 disc priest, this goblin warrior (who you could tell he was a bot by the way he moves and interacts) would constantly charge and instantly crit me for 2k-3k with some mortal strike or overpower. this gave me (a 2.5k hp priest) absolutely no chance against this person , or ANYONE on my team! i say him just trollin' around 1 shotting everyone. i just hope theres some real balance at lower levels some time soon.
i see u whining alot.
wtf evr happend to the whole "custom" dance feature advertised in the woltk trailer o.O its like u guys just forgot about it.
Hey does any of you guys know how to ask blizzard a question?

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