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You missed the most OBVIOUS question:

When are you going to make WoW fun again?

When you do, let me know and I'll re-activate my account.
Q: PvP realms are getting indistinctive from the PvE realm as players are not engaging into PvP contents, since they are not finding it attractive. The only difference from the PvE realm is that it’s possible to attack opponent around zones in Conflict. Is there any plan to strengthen the difference between PvP and PvE realms? – Soulcube (Korea)
A: We don’t think it’s that world PvP is unattractive, we just think it’s just the cumulative effect of a lot of changes we made to the game to meet other goals. For example, flying mounts are really cool and convenient, but they mean you are much less likely to stumble upon someone from the opposite faction while travelling. We considered teleportation a mandatory feature for Dungeon Finder to succeed, but then you are less likely to bump into an enemy outside of a dungeon. To get world PvP back in some form, we’d have to develop something like the Isle of Quel’danas: a non-flight zone that is not a sanctuary where players congregate to finish quests or earn rewards. We’ll think about ways to do something like that again in the future.

From my understanding this question was not how can you make world PvP more attractive in a PvE realm? The question seamed to me to be...
"Are you planning on making the PvP & PvE realms more distinct?"

At present the only REAL difference between the two types of realms that i can see is, on a PvP realm you are permanently "flagged" and on the other it is by choice or entering "world PvP" areas. Why would ppl choose a PvP realm when they can get everything they want from a PvE realm and more i.e. battlegrounds, ranked battlegrounds, arenas, ranked arenas, world PvP zones and when you've had enough unflag yourself and enjoy all the environmental content as well. All this coupled togeather makes a PvP realm a poor second choice.
The solution (and i'm sure there would be hundreds of ppl who dissagree with me) would be to remove as much PvP content and Flagging from PvE realms as practicable. Then if ppl want to PvP they go to a PvP realm. Don't get me wrong i'm not a PvP hater i just see it as a simple solution to recreate a real difference between the two types of realm.

And thats my 2cents.
You missed the most OBVIOUS question:

When are you going to make WoW fun again?

When you do, let me know and I'll re-activate my account.

Know the only thing keeping me from unsubbing?

Not anticipation for 4.1. Not hoping for PuGable endgame content. Not new dalies. Not guildies or friends.

The only reason I haven't canceled yet is the fact I have a ton of mail in my inboxes across two accounts some of which are BoEs that no longer drop.

That's it.

And that's a pretty damn sad reason to stay.

Q: What do the developers think of the current state of hunters? (PVP balance) – Albevil (Europe [Spanish])
A: Hunters are good for very skilled players and particularly in Rated Battlegrounds. Our challenge has always been to make the class a little more forgiving to play in PvP at the medium level without making them unbeatable in the hands of a truly talented player. We think the recent changes, such as Auto Shot on the move and allowing Deterrence to prevent attacks that typically always hit, will help bridge that gap. We’re starting to discuss more whether hunters need the opportunity to do some damage in melee range instead of always focusing on escape. While the hunter is ultimately a ranged class, it is true that other casters can make the decision to keep casting while in melee range, even if they suffer consequences for doing so.

I don't understand...

Rogues are unbeatable...look at Reckful. Much Respect to him but he is unbeatable.

So you let rogues become unbeatable but you're afraid to buff hunters because they might become unbeatable?

What gives?
sigh... please don't hate, but what exactly is an appearance tab
Although it will probably be ignored my suggestion for a heroic class is simple. You need a ranged heroic class. Something that can heal on one tree only but also do damage. Maybe a real necromancer with multiple minions and healing akin to blood magic.

Make it so Blizzard.
Hear hear on the appearance tab! Going to a tattoo vendor in SW would be cool, as well as JC being able to make and sell jewelrey that is purely cosmetic such as peircings. There are some facial selections in the Create a New Character tool that allow this but nowhere to change or add after you start the character. Regardless, the ability to pay 1k gold (for example) and keep a set of Grand Marshal Field Pauldrons and have them Reforged by a Blacksmith (forexample) in order to get up to level stats but still keep the classic epic look, wooo boy, I think people are knocking on your door for this blizz! Dont miss out! You know you can plop this out on us in the near's ok..were ready ! C'mon and do it!

Posted by Jairen
Our concerns have always included making sure that the character art still maintains a level of quality even if extensively customized, and making sure that character silhouettes are easily recognizable.

This answer is pretty laughable considering what some players look like in the game. In game it's often hard to tell the difference between plate and cloth shoulders let alone tell which class is which by "silhouette."

I think what this means is that when you land on someone with a particular outline of armor, you get a very quick sense of who you are dealing with based on the possible stats of the gear...a few seconds later you have an idea of what your dealing with in the skill of the player, however if Blizzard goes through with that, the idea of bumping into a fisherman with epic 85 level stats on all his cloth gear is kind of the scary part...getting trashed by a couple of lumberjacks (and I do have the screenshot) would be confusing. So i see the concern's not just an excuse.

03/14/2011 9:43 AMPosted by Dadylonglegs

This is actually the worst season in terms of balance.

No, it's actually not. s5 was a lot worse.

Maybe, but it's still very bad.
So instead of messing and nerfing every PVE player because you want to balance PVP: add a PVP spec that is automatic turned on when you PVP and leave the PVE specs alone. Blizzard is trying way to hard to fix PVP at the expense of PVP players.
03/18/2011 4:10 AMPosted by Rathorai
I think what this means is that when you land on someone with a particular outline of armor, you get a very quick sense of who you are dealing with based on the possible stats of the gear...

I think that, as only half of equipped gear is visible at all, two of those items can be actively hidden completely, at least three can be hidden situationally, and only two (one of which can be hidden) actually provides a "silhouette" this is a profoundly weak argument. Even moreso when one considers the possibility that I can become a skeleton, ninja or pirate at will, druids can hide all their gear and shadow priests can generally obscure it behind a cloud of purple sparkles. If you need an immediate signifier of someone's gear, there are far, far better methods than visual recognition. Why must customization take a hit for a weak, indistinct sytem Blizzard has actively made even weaker with each expansion?

Given that PVP is supposed to be about the spontaneous challenge provided by another thinking person as opposed to scripted AI, I also don't understand the argument that a clear visual indicator of someone's gear level is an inherent necessity to PVP. It seems to me that having no idea what someone is wearing adds to the challenge, spontaneity, verisimilitude and metagame of outthinking and outplaying an opponent. Demanding a system color-coded for your convenience seems to be a demand for a crutch.

Finally, these arguments seem to ignore the hundreds of pages this topic has generated, specifically as related to proposed disabling features, auto disabling in rated PVP areas, plausible item restrictions, etc. Nothing says the appearance tab has to be a wild free-for-all where each battleground is one army of lumberjacks pitted against the next. Asserting as much demonstrates a lack of awareness of the proposal and a lack of creative or critical thinking. As such, I'm not at all surprised that players find this answer to be vague and disappointing.

03/17/2011 9:26 PMPosted by Alinnas
all these imbeciles that wish to look 'unique' with fancy armor and such. all i want is a balanced game in pvp and you mofos give them stuff to fill their days so they ignore the real issues. fix bugs>balance for pvp> balance in pve> everything else.

Oh, hi. Have you played this game? Are you aware it's been out for six years? Since, like every MMORPG I have ever heard of, WoW will be balanced on the far side of never, I'd prefer they get themselves up to the level of basic F2P MMORPG features rather than focus on hotfix-changing each class multiple times a month chasing a balance they won't ever find. Particularly given that each players' definition of PVP balance tends to be the ever-delightful "I"m rock, nerf paper, scissors are fine" it becomes readily apparent just how achieveable this much-desired "balance" is.

Fix things an intern can do in a day > Fix things that require weeks of intense developer output > Fix things that just won't ever be fixed in a million years.
So I have a couple of suggestions to toss at the devs for some of these things people are asking about. This wont hit every question cause I dont have all the answers but I have a couple.

1. Have the art team work on updating models sort of like a side project they do for like 30 mins a day, and aim to have them ready to implement with the next xpac.

2. For outland and TBC zones as well as wrath zones, you could update the quest text and other things so that it basically says that your more or less "cleaning up after the party" but then you would need to figure out how to keep old raids in the game... Bronze dragonflight standing by the raid entrance saying the portal takes you back in time?

3.Link every node in every phase in the phased zones so when one person in one phase taps it and loots the stuff it disappears in every phase.

4.Make some of the dungeon quests have to finish right outside the dungeon itself so that after completion of the dungeon people have to travel to the zone to turn in the quest, this would give them incentive to do quests in the revamped zones since they are right there.

5. make the flask for healers increase either both spirit and intell for a lesser amount, or let the flask automatically pick between the two based on the higher stat already on the person.

6. For Hero classes, if your going to do it again, put the new hero class in game as a dungeon and/or raid boss exactly how it will be in game so that we can get a sort of feel for how the new class is going to play, and make us aware of that fact when it is put in game so that we know that we should look at a certain encounter so that we can see how the new class is going to work ahead of time. Also, make the new hero class only unlockable when you hit Lv. cap for whatever the expansion they are released in is.
Q: Is the Holy Paladin mastery going to remain as is, or will it see a change in the future? – Judgesyou (North America/ANZ)
A: We like the mechanic. Having a shield complements their potent single-target heals rather than competing against them. As you have probably seen by now, we did increase the duration of the absorb so that it would come into play more often. We believe the Holy mastery, as is the case with some of the other healing masteries, is not an easy thing to simulate or sometimes even determine from logs. It’s hard to put numbers on it in the same way you can assign values to haste and crit. We believe this had led some players to undervalue it. We’ll see how it feels with the longer duration.

Ok i have been healing on this toon since wrath and i like the idea of a bubble from pallys but if you look at the number the mastery sucks per point i can get 40-50k heal on a target and they will get a bubble that will be gone with on hit and still take alot of damage so i seen no point in mastery for a holy pally, i would suggest uping the amount of dmg it will take, it you would want holy pallys to use mastery.
i can say without a doubt now that hunters are the most whined about class in the game any ways what i want to know is this......

with all the changes that are coming for other classes why does it feel like rogues are yet again being left out yet again and it will as usual take an entire expansion to get rogues "right"?

if you look at the patch notes rogues are getting a nerf/buff to recuperate and a buff to stealth (which as far as i know druids stealth is STILL better than a rogues and its OUR core mechanic) do you guys actually GO into the rogue forums or are we just ignored on the things that are wrong/broken with our class?

No one else intrigued about the:

"We do think there is more that we can do to promote compelling solo gameplay for max level characters, though. The 4.2 patch has a pretty epic questing experience involving the Firelands and we’re really excited to see how players respond to it."

That sounds amazing! I've been waiting for them to do something like that again for a LONG time!
true they should give us weather control and an apearence tab
Will you guys ever update the cartoony graphics? not tht i mind them but my friends get really anoyed by them? i hope you take this into serious considration
03/14/2011 9:00 AMPosted by Nethaera
Seriously. We hear you loud and clear on this one. We do have some ideas we’re discussing, but we’re not ready to share them quite yet. Our concerns have always included making sure that the character art still maintains a level of quality even if extensively customized, and making sure that character silhouettes are easily recognizable. Those aren’t show-stopping concerns that would prevent us from ever taking the plunge, but they are concerns.

I am happy to at least have some kind of an anwser about the appearance tab and show us that you guys are kinda paying attention, but I really do not understand how, easily recongnizable silhouettes could be a concern with the appearance tab. Could you explain further? Characters art maintaining a level of quality??? What does that mean?? Even if other players would be affected by how your RP gear looks like in other post it was suggested that we should be able to turn off the appearance of other player and go back to looking at their stat gear, so what is holding you up? Make it happen guys, you can do it and we'll love you even more! <3

Oh and adding a little height change slidder in the character creation window would be nice too if you ever redo all the models, I'm drinking so many giant growth poitons and pygmy oil that my orc is getting sick, look she's!!
Not to give a reason (really trying not to) for not having another round of Q & A with the Devs, but Wasselin is right for the most part about the answers given. (And I am sure a lot of people just didn't bother to reply, thinking too late now, or what good would it do, anyways?) I can read between the lines and that is what I mostly saw in the above, pretty generic replies on the questions. (At least, that is my observance, and I'm not the only one, it would seem.)
But credit is due though, for actually not taking all the soft questions, also. The Devs do a lot of hard work. (I know I can't do any of the things they do to get the game working right, with all the variables to consider that interact with each other in the programming and execution of WoW and how it affects the gameplay of individual players and then individual toons for each players) and probably little real recognition for it at all, as a group but for once in a while, or individually. SO I really don't mean to put them down in any way. (And I hpe I am not, just a little constructive criticism here . . . . )
Overall, I am thinking it came out good. But aside from the Q&A above, I think we all know that it is only going to have any form of success if we see some action taken, also.

SO, Ladies and Gentlemen, keep your eyes open, give it some time, and watch . . . . lets see how this plays out and if there is something positive going on here; where we will see concerns brought up and dealt with, or just discussed with the Devs and only more pats on the back for a job well done. I'm being hopeful and crossing my paws & claws . . .
"We do think there is more that we can do to promote compelling solo gameplay for max level characters"

GREAT!!! I can't wait!!! I love trying to solo different areas of Wow. But could you do that for ALL level ranges (not every individual level) not just the Max level range? It would be great for those that want to try the difficulty of soloing the game (as much of it as possible) to Max Level and really get a working knowledge of what your character can do. (With some specialized achievements for soloing areas/gaining achievements that others choose to do with a group, like maybe a special drop from a boss, or extra points on soloing an acheivement. Some nerfing/buffing would need to be done to bosses/players BOTH, to make it fair( but still keep it difficult! It (solo) shouldn't be easy to do, btu not impossibly hard, either) for those that choose to go for soloing.

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