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I found this to be a good read.

It's hard to understand why the developers are nerfing starsurge if they are considering an execute-style mechanic for balance druids, as these two things appear to be in direct contradiction. But I'll save that for the PvP Q&A.

Overall I think this is a nice way to have the community feel like they understand better what the designers are thinking. So, thumbs up.
am i the only one who believes these answers were completely predictable if not said before. why is it the only response we get from blizz is soon, we think about that alot, we've been looking at a better ........

yea i know when they come around with changes they will implement they'll let us know and i appreciate that but why open the forums to questions if the answers are the same rhetoric anyone who is slightly familiar with blue response/tracker have known/ seen/ read time and time again

when you give someone who ordinarily has no real means of lateral communication, that chance, it should at least feel somewhat rewarding and the response should offer insight and not like once again your talking to the gray intercom box outside big iron gates

im not knocking you blizz gj every thing you do helps and goes a long way at making the game that much better but take a note from that history professor we've all grown to hate, the one who gives us info without us having to ask for it.

im no genious but im sure each class' respective community would love to know why what changes are due or are planned to come in the future.

recently ive heard some crazy statistic about the commitment from the playerbase of this game from a TED conference. i mean this game is a living breathing entity. from reading these forums and those other wow loyal sites it seems theres a big disconnect between the players and the game itself on more levels than one

03/14/2011 10:18 AMPosted by Bashiok
We answered the majority of the questions which had the most votes by the forum community. If you don't like the questions answered then you should ask your own, and/or vote on those you'd like to see answered.

We asked about Warlocks, but I didn't see anything even in general about them, unlike the specific moonkin answers. Is it because we are a lower population so we just don't get enough votes?

Beginning to think rouge and locks need to form their own lobby just to have comparable population numbers.
Posted by Nethaera
We recognize that Rated Battlegrounds haven’t yet caught on with players, especially more casual PvP players, as much as we’d like.

It's very disappointing is why. Forced group play for epics is precisely the problem.

It will not get better no matter how much you push it. It's the nature of people. People are inherently selfish, and as much as you don't like to hear it due to any kind of moral construct you may have, it's a scientific fact. If there's one thing the devs need to understand about people, it's this:

There is no such thing as an unselfish act. If you think there is, post it and watch how it's dissected to show you the truth.

Every last thing people do is in response to just two things:

1. Increase personal pleasure.
2. Decrease personal pain.

It's all about pleasure and pain. Every last thing we have ever done or will ever do focuses ONLY on those two things.

With the in mind, the focus of the devs must conform to increasing the pleasure to the selfish person. So what does the selfish person want? What does everybody want?

They want the best, and they don't want to be beaten constantly as they try to get the best. In other words, the devs are delivering too much pain with Rated BGs in terms of frustration, and not enough pleasure in terms of rewards.

Never forget that this game is supposed to be delivering pleasure in terms of "fun," and so far the pain greatly over-comes the pleasure.

When I first heard of rated BGs, I thought I would be able to solo queue for them. And that's the big thing keeping me away from it.

I don't want to have to go into trade, the way I used to have to do for 5-mans with the LFG channel, and start spamming around for a rated BG group. I'm in a raiding guild, so most of the people aren't interested in PvP, or else they're absolutely terrible at it, or else they're simply unreliable to get in touch with. Which means my only option is to go to Trade and ask for one that's forming.

The fact that everybody is asking for high ratings makes it even harder, since I haven't even STARTED, but I don't want to have to do that to begin with.

Totally agreed. I thought the same thing. Although, I can imagine setting up a reward system that rewards individuals for the things they do while in a rated bg (win or lose) while not rewarding botters and people being carried would be difficult to do.

Yep, same here. I don't PvP very much and I was looking forward to trying this (and would still, if I could join solo. Not a big thing for me though, since I don't PvP much) but I don't like that I have to try and find 10 other people or try and join a pre-made in progress.
Considering Mastery rating is good for warrior and pally tanks, too, and DKs can get mastery from armor, gems, certain enchants and reforging, just the same as them, I hardly see the need for a weapon enchant that grants mastery when no weapon enchant with mastery is available to any other tank class.

Rune forging is overpowered and will continue to be apparently.

It's not really overpowered when you are balanced around it. IE DKs have SSG giving more armor, yet they STILL have the lowest armor of all the tanks.

It's very disappointing is why. Forced group play for epics is precisely the problem.

It isn't the problem. Why do you need raid level gear if you are never going to raid?
03/14/2011 9:00 AMPosted by Nethaera
We are pretty happy with PvP balance overall. We think this season may be the best overall in terms of balance. There are definitely some areas where we can improve. Remember that part of our goal with Cataclysm was to encourage more players to try Rated Battlegrounds as an alternative to Arenas. Some classes that struggle in Arena, like hunters and Balance druids, perform very well in Battlegrounds. We recognize that Rated Battlegrounds haven’t yet caught on with players, especially more casual PvP players, as much as we’d like.

The reason Rated BG's haven't caught is because they are nothing more that 10v10 arena. When rated BG's were first announced, I was very excited and had high hopes. But was ultimately disappoint at the current implementation. I don't have any brilliant solutions. I do think for rated BG's to succeed, there needs to be a system that rewards the individual player for putting in as much effort as an arena player.
Because we did those areas more recently than Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, we don’t feel the same urgency to go update them. They just don’t have the level design and quest flow problems to the same extent as the original content. We recognize though that some players are getting awfully tired of Hellfire Peninsula, and we’d like to come up with a good solution there

I must be one of the few people who play this game because of the immersion of being in an alternate world, representing my characters. Everyone else talks about spells and mechanics... it feels awkward to be a newcomer to an old game, even if much of its content constantly undergoes renewal (which was what brought me into it, in the first place).

That said, I am unhappy to learn about this, but at least you're planning to add something to fix the unexplained "time loop" feel once one reaches Outland; I just wish that the questing there was better and more dynamic, as well as the lore which must be brought up to date. Northrend quests are interesting enough, but the lore remains outdated.

The leveling speed is fine, though. I've no qualms about that.
Thanks guys, it's good to be reminded from time to time that you all do pay attention to the concerns of the playerbase.
Is the post cap going to be implemented? i think this Q and A idea is really awesome! But the cap made me sad last week =( especially because i was reading other peoples questions first and voting for some so i would not repeat....then when i went to post my question, i couldnt.
For the last answer I hope it won't be more static "at ___ this will happen!" even though it is disguised as "Once in a while ___ will happen", but instead be completely random and be actually entertaining/interesting/fun/unique.
03/14/2011 11:36 AMPosted by Thantor
Is the post cap going to be implemented? i think this Q and A idea is really awesome! But the cap made me sad last week =( especially because i was reading other peoples questions first and voting for some so i would not repeat....then when i went to post my question, i couldnt.

Frankly, the 500 post cap is too much. All the questions with the most votes were from the first few pages of the thread, because few people read the whole thread to vote.

This week's thread will allow 500 posts of course, but to realistically get answered you need to be in the first 100.
I can keep going but whats the point?

I appreciate the effort, honestly. From a forum and company that preaches "constructive criticism" so often, how about doing us a favor and answering you customers constructively and directly when they get an chance to ask you a question?

Agreed wholeheartedly, specially on the last paragraph. If I wanted politics, I'd turn C-SPAN on, but many of the answers were indeed non-constructive and more of a rehash based off questions we have done already throughout the course of the game.

I've been here since Vanilla, myself. I've done this game in many, many ways and have played almost every class there is. Some are messed up more at certain points of the game, tuned down and nerfed, abused some and some others were nurtured like an only child (remember when the nerf-call was on warlocks? Nerf warlocks now? Blizz only loves locks and so on?).

My main is a druid, yes... and although I disagree with many of the changes they have applied upon us (SHAPESHIFTING OUT OF ROOTS... KHAAAANNN!), I guess I have to adjust to them once again. Only, up until now, I have never been much of a forum commenter nor active in them because I hate the trolling, the drama and the outright immaturity of the community and, here's the kicker, not only from the players' side, but some of the ones running the game as well. Many of the answers felt like they were spoonfed to soothe us instead of being a constructive response to many of the questions which were asked and which are the SAME questions that have been asked throughout the years.

Obviously it has worked for you since you have a multi-million dollar company down your wallets, but for something to endure the wrath of time, they need to keep their community happy with sincere, constructive and direct answers because, if you don't (and you obviously know politics, deriving from the answers you have given), revolution ensues: either we leave the game for another, fresher environment which might or might not be a remake of this or a completely new thing, or the community starts getting REALLY pissed off, altogether leaving at some point because of ridiculous, irrational demands that are overbearing, with the rational ones with an actual base are being ignored.

Alas, the companies and businesses which actually have withstood the trial of time are those who value their customers and who actually look forward to reinventing themselves for the people they work for. Although I thank many of the GM's and people I have actually had contact with in your company (which have been nothing but helpful and kind), reading the response from the devs and comparing them to the wholesome of explanations given from Vanilla to this date BY them... well, they make me feel like I'm being treated like a child being asked out of the living room because "the adults are talking about things".

Nonetheless, the fact that you're open to criticism to this precise attempt talks wonders of you and gives me one more reason to have a little more hope in Blizzard. So far, it has worked out SOMEHOW, but it feels more wobbly at this point than before (enough for me to get into a forum and actually SPEAK out about it).

Lok'tar Ogar.
Q: Is the Holy Paladin mastery going to remain as is, or will it see a change in the future? – Judgesyou (North America/ANZ)
A: We like the mechanic. Having a shield complements their potent single-target heals rather than competing against them. As you have probably seen by now, we did increase the duration of the absorb so that it would come into play more often. We believe the Holy mastery, as is the case with some of the other healing masteries, is not an easy thing to simulate or sometimes even determine from logs. It’s hard to put numbers on it in the same way you can assign values to haste and crit. We believe this had led some players to undervalue it. We’ll see how it feels with the longer duration.

The worst Mastery of every Class/Spec and they think it's fine w/ an increased duration on a Bubble that we don't even gem for. YAY!

Q: Updated textures for old races?
A: Maybe. Probably not.

Q:Update Outland?
A: Maybe update the story a bit here or there, but probably not.

Q: Rune for mastery for DKs?
A: We'll probably add some runes.

Q: What is your favorite escape/distraction when you arent working on WoW?
A: Playing WoW.

Q: Appearance Tab?
A: Unlikely.

Q: New items for Archaeology?
A: Definitely.

Q: WoW = waiting for queues in main cities only: fix?
A: Nope.

Q: More world PvP?
A: Doubtful.

Q: More storage?
A: Yup: tabards -> titles.

Q: More hero classes?
A: Nope.

Q: PvP balance?
A: It's good. Play rated battlegrounds.

Q: Make skinning more attractive?
A: No.

Q: Holy Paladin mastery change?
A: It's hard for us to figure out, so possibly. But probably no.

Q: Phased nodes - wtf?
A: We'll fix it when we know how.

Q: Separate PvP and PvE?
A: Absolutely not; please stop asking.

Q: Daily battlegrounds points < heroic dungeon points; up it?
A: Play rated battlegrounds, dammit.

Q: Moonkins get “execute” spell?
A: No.

Q: Class homogenization & fairness vs. everyone is special?
A: Pretty good as-is.

Q: Hunters PVP?
A: For the love of god, play rated battlegrounds! We might change minimum shot range to zero, though.

Q: Client Voice Chat sucks?
A: Definitely sucks. We'll get it right for Titan.

Q: Healers don't like Guild Cauldrons?
A: Eh.

Q: Dynamic world events?
A: Tend to be annoying; we might add more anyway.
Q: During the expansions released since vanilla, the specialities of the different classes were watered down more and more. By now, many classes can do almost everything and almost none is still special. Are there any steps planned to give the classes more “charisma”, so that they are more distinguished from each other and regain their special flair? – Blades (Europe [German])
A: Sometimes when players say “special flair” what they really mean is “something so awesome that everyone will have to take me.”

That sounds like an easy excuse.

I want my hunter to need to buy bullets! I want the pet to have moods and need to be fed! I want the warlock to have a ton of soul shards etc etc etc. I want them to be different. Or you can just make one class and call it "Bob" - and Bob does everything. It seems to be where you are heading as it is.

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