<Envision> Recruiting (H)

BUMP and we're now level 23. :)
Bump for achievements!

Envision: We impress Yours more than a Baelgun Pug, but only just.
Bump for being replaced as both the only kiwi and the only feral druid in the guild.

Thanks for that Cirq!
Achievement Achievement Achievement!

<3 Yours
Bumpa, we need to replace some slackers.

App if you're ready to beat hard modes, a giant lava worm needs to die in a fire... oh wait

Also our cat is pretty fail, he keeps pulling threat off tanks and no one can understand him on vent.
Bump....looking for some more healers and deeps for deeping the deepable.
25 H Magmaw down, and the kitty is still bad.
4/13* MB
The introduction of mini Neo's to the Atramedes fight, that we could kill directly made this fight a breeze.

Best part of the night: Tres: "Wait Rec used to be GM?"

I lol'd. We still love you Rec.
Range (Huntard, Mage, etc.,) and healers (Shaman and Paladin) would be uber.
Bump for a great group of people <3 ;)
I've heard rumors that Relice is carried by Bumpa. Must be his tiny goblin legs getting tired.
Bump. Epic heals please. Paladin, Priest, Shaman...
GL, healers are hard to find on this realm

ESP good ones :(
06/13/2011 09:28 AMPosted by Juggemental
I'm easy to find.

I'm easy.

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