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06/13/2011 11:51 AMPosted by Insatia
I'm easy.

but your dead

...well kinda
Bump for Insatia! /hugs

Currently we have a somewhat full roster...However, we are still looking for a few more dps/healers to round us out.


Looking for an uber healer....resto shaman, paladin, or even a priest would be preferred. I'm tired of sharing my loot with the other 200 druids in guild.

Yours: "I don't need to kill the raid with the giant bird, all I need to do is make them do a boss fight."

Yours continuing the Envision tradition of great Raid leadership :D.

And yes bumpa for healers, any healers just stay away from my kitty staff, oh and being able to dodge tornadoes is now a prerequisite skill.
Looking for two healers. Prefer a paladin and shaman. Full-time raid spots available for our 25 mans. Visit us at www.envision-us.guildomatic.com

bump to replace my worthless !@#
Bump, Always looking for skilled raiders. Currently looking for any exceptional dps. If you think you have what it takes drop us an app: www.envision-us.guildomatic.com, fight parses appreciated.
Still looking for some more healers...paladins are full but possible position for a priest. Prefer healers with viable dps off specs.

Open recruitment for dps.
Bump, got some solid attempts in on rag this week. Still looking to fill some gaps in our roster. Please be geared and knowledgeable. Post an app on envision-us.guildomatic.com and our officers will respond within 72 hours, you could be raiding with us as soon as the next raiding lockout.
Yay for finally getting Rag down. Took far too long, but we got there. Always looking for more minions of Rec. App today!
Grats on your Rag kill! ^-^
Congrats! And PS: /bump <3
1/7 25 man heroic. Looking for some deeps. Preferably range dps but we would not deny an uber melee application. Please and thank you :)

Rec, do you like me?

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.

Please reply ASAP.
Bump for a great group of people...and neo.

P.S.: Miss me yet? =S
Whats a Changeling?

Must be a pvp noob pretending to play kitty.

Seriously though, people need to app to <Envision>, Rec is nice, Madding makes raiding "interesting," and Vesaa is... well, Vesaa.
Vesaa has 5 honor kills, you better watch out Changeling!

And you forgot to mention we now have a Raider of the week. Although it is decided by Yours so it is generally given out to people for doing stupid stuff like dying to nerfed fire tornadoes AKA Rec or ditching your family to raid AKA me. We did give one to Cica for being awesome but that was because Wipes stole our insayshea!

Not that I'm bitter... really I'm not... I miss Changeling... and Insatia... but definitely not Tres... ok maybe a little.

Also Changeling we're ready to accept you back, but only if you are willing to be my Mangle / FFF bot and give me first dibs on feral weapons :D.

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