8th tab GV achievement

why blizzard.
our guild is a small social guild that raids casual.
we have 254 members.. some are military and gone to serve over seas with no playtime.
some are family and very casual.
many are alts.

getting stay classy would require either enlarging our guild to a size we prefer not to.
or paying for race changing just about all of our alts.

we haz gold.
we want to put more shinies in the GV.
we need the room.

this realy needs to be lightened up.
I could understand if this was a complaint by a 10man guild... hell possibly a 25man guild....

But 250?
You say many are alts... so, doesnt that -exactly- helps your case?

MMOs are games that requires effort for some stuff. This is one. And it shouldnt be hard.
You know your friend has a night elf rogue ? roll a draenei rogue!
You know the guild is missing a worgen warlock and there's someone discussing about rolling a warlock? Suggest them that it be a worgen!

It really isnt that hard.

"We Haz Gold" is probably the reason you're making a fuss. You think everything can be bought and you just hit a brick wall where your guild needs to...what's the word...work as a guild. Put some effort into it and it shouldnt be that hard.
Just wait till the war is over? :p
Just make an alt guild until you get it.

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