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It won't let me do anything with the 'Antivirus' section.
It wont let you toggle anything in that section off? I dont know, "antivirus" cant be toggled but SONAR protection right under it should be able to be disabled.
It's working for me now after disabling...

Thanks Dante
It won't let me do anything.
Okay, well im not sure. After a little bit of swimming around in the norton settings i found something that might help. Open norton back up, click "Settings" and scroll down to "items to exclude from auto detect and SONAR protection" hit that, click the file folder on the right and put everything from WoW in your program files in that. Then try to download the patch, if that doesnt work then i have no idea.
But aside from being able to run WoW, are we positive this is not a real AV threat?
Sure would be nice to see a comment from Blizz about why our 4.0.6 client is downloading a 4.0.1 installer. Bypassing security to accomodate a blizz error seems really lame.
Having the same issue. hate Norton!!!!
yes, would be nice to see blizz jump in here somewhere to confirm that this is actually their file....
I'm having the same problem but I have Norton Security Suite and there seems to be no way to turn off sonar, only firewall, and that doesn't work >_<

EDIT: nvm, i found the way. lol. thanks, man!
We did released an update to the game launcher this morning. Anytime there are automatic updates you can run into security programs having problems with it.

In this situation, all of the reports have come back as false positives. I am recommending the steps found here to allow the patch.

Technical Support
Want to speak with someone directly? http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/contact.html

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On Norton, the simple method is to click on the security history....then highlight the removed wow exe file....then click on options (in blue to the right) and tell them to restore and allow future versions of the file.

IF you trust Blizzard, but you probably wouldn't be playing if you did not.

PS I would NOT disable Sonar....Blizzard is not the only party trying to get through during the download
I just finished chatting with a Norton representative.
They are aware of the problem, and will be updating settings shortly to correct it.
In response to Dante's recommendation about turning off Sonar Detection in Norton, I'd follow his wisdom and yes it works and all is fine, TYVM Dante!

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