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thank much for the advice on the temp-fix. i was having the same problem, with Norten comcast suite, like those mentioned above
Same thing here- running NIS 2011. I would have posted the details... but they really don't give any information that might be used to "fix" it.

ive been on the phone for half an hour now trying to see what the patch is about if they sent it out of not
open norton go to settings and disable sonar it worked for me thanks for help!
same problem
i wish blizz would say something about this.
@ huga: thanks for the help
if there was really a problem I would hope other AV software would pick it up. Seems to only be Norton, which is know for false positives. Blizz would pull it off the launcher downloader if it was a threat...hopefully
I want to see some confirmation from Blizz that they have *not* been hacked before I turn off my malware protection. Norton has not blocked any previous WoW update, so there's something odd about this one.
When it pops up to block it click on it and there should be something that says restore the file. Worked perfectly for me took 2 seconds.
Well, I turned off SONAR just long enough to get the updated tools, then turned it back on. WoW is working and no other bad news from Norton...
i did a scan and found a cookie virus on my computer after i downloaded patch i turned norton on and fixed it with a scan and expultion it was quick and easy
Thanks! Worked for me as well
I turned my sonar protection off just long enough to download patch. Just finished running a scan, nothing but a couple cookies that needed fixed. I think its safe to download the patch, but a blue post on the matter would still be nice.
Still waiting to hear from tech support on the problem.
Not allowing it to install until then
-I have Norton Security Suite-

Open your Norton and click on settings in upper right hand corner,
under detailed settings click on antivirus,
under the automatic protection tab and the Real Time Protection Section,
CLICK off SONAR Protection,
restart the download,
Turn back on your protection (After the download) by the same way so you don't get a Virus,
Worked for me!
Same problem here, but if you notice when you log into wow the battlenet logo and it's 3 downloading markers are not present, why? It's possible their no longer connected. I'm against disabling sonar it's there to protect the computer I'll wait to see what blizzard does before I make my computer vunerable to attack from other sources.
I have AVG and same thing popped up, I guess I hit the wrong button and it deleted my wow launcher and files in it. I have ran the repair and nothing. What do you think I have to do?
I'm with Daldren,

The anti-Virus software is there for a reason (hence the name) so I dont see much point in overriding a safety system unless this patch is approved

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