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I'm with Daldren,

The anti-Virus software is there for a reason (hence the name) so I dont see much point in overriding a safety system unless this patch is approved

Its approved.
Its a false positive by Norton.
read my post on how to fix the problem.. dont feel like typing it all again lol
i did same thing turned sonar off and then back on after patch so far no problems but i agree with others as in the fact that i do worry a bit that this updated tools would trigger a security risk to my computer hopefully blizzard will make some statement or attempt to fix it
I hate you Norton, making me wait so long.
here's something interesting to add to the pile.
I don't have Norton's though.

The downloader shows x/5.41mb however when i go and view the connections, it says 2.xGB downloaded. WTH?
Also, going into some of the WoW folders, the files have dates of today.

Should I be worried? Thats a metric ton of downloading.
have same thing
Well Norton isn't letting me download it for a reason. Considering this is not the first time I have had a problem with an update from Blizzard, Im not gonna try to download it again until tomorrow. I am definitely not disabling anything from Norton because of Blizzard.
haveing same thing wow-
might be a false positive from Norton, but why.. it's either a question for Norton or Blizzard really are spying on us through this update.

A Blue response would put my mind at ease.
Again, my issue is NOT related to Norton. Can I just get a verify on the SIZE of data it's supposed to be downloading?
Norton is known for false positives, there is no need to overreact...
Yeah, I have never had a problem with Norton nor any patch. I have a bad feeling about this patch. I had disabled SONAR and Norton still removed it. I'll wait till Blizzard posts a bulletin that this patch is okay.
My advice is don't try to get around the problem. There's might be a good reason why Norton is blocking the thing so until you know for for sure wait for Bliz to fix the problem themselves
Just saw this then started up WoW hoping Norton wouldn't screw everything up, and unfortunately it did. Damn it.
I got the same thing with my Norton but instead of disabling it I ran WoW Repair first and now there is no download. Not sure if that matters, but thought i would share it.
Someone call Blizzard???
Same problem. I would suggest that the sonar on norton be kept active until the patch is confirmed to be clear of any malware or external threats.
Just got off the phone with Blizzard support. Had me temp disable Sonar (note that the reason given by Norton software is that there have been too few users of the program). As soon as I temp disabled and opened WoW the download zipped through. Reenabled Sonar, no biggie.

The WoW support site has a page that says that this can happen and has configs for preventing it in the future. I'll probably just leave it alone and do the temp disable again if I need to with any future patches... frankly it's easier, faster, and won't leave my ports open.

Anyhow, no sweat with the temp disable.
Hey guys I think I figured it out. My norton wasnt letting it through too saying something about SONAR... But anyway repair wow says my wow is up to date and I can play now. Hopefully this helps if you havent found something that works ^_^

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