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I've solved this without the need to disable SONAR, for those that may be concerned about risking security. In my particular Norton version (360) you can do the following to allow this specific file to download (it is safe).
- Click on PC Security > View Details
- Virus and Spyware scan > Details
- Click Security History
- Click on wow-
- Click on Options
- Click Restore this file

That should solve it!
taking your sonar of for the breaf time of downloading the patch should take care of the issue everyone is having..i did that and had no problems....good luck
same issue here, started wow from the wow.exe and it worked fine
this was really helpful, im glad i wasnt the only one with this problem. i disabled sonar and redl'd, now its all good. thanks!
For those disabling Sonar, remember to do so only temporarily. Once you download, be sure to reenable your Sonar.
yea friend of mine had the same prob and shutting down SONAR let her download it
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2220 Just got off the phone with Blizzard support. Had me temp disable Sonar (note that the reason given by Norton software is that there have been too few users of the program). As soon as I temp disabled and opened WoW the download zipped through. Reenabled Sonar, no biggie.

The WoW support site has a page that says that this can happen and has configs for preventing it in the future. I'll probably just leave it alone and do the temp disable again if I need to with any future patches... frankly it's easier, faster, and won't leave my ports open.

Anyhow, no sweat with the temp disable.
It's a glitch most likely, Norton hates my Sims games too, both 2 and 3 and even Facebook. it's nothing major just a glitch

disabling the SONAR works fine and no problems just reenable it when your done.

Things happen.
If you are still having trouble with it not downloading after you have disabled Nortons Sonar, you might need to remove the file from your Quarantine.
really annoying though.... BLIZZARD THANKS For no blue post ? what do we pay you for again ?
seriously they havent said anything about the problem yet?! wow maybe we all should get some kind of reward for not sueing -.- lol jk
mine is doing the same thing my friend had a trial version of this today he loaded it with out norton and it shut his computer down.. wtf is going on??????
Just tried to start the game, got the "Downloading Updated Tools" thing, and just a few seconds in I got Norton SONAR popping up. I have the Norton Internet Security 2011, and it forces me to restart my computer.

Should I disable SONAR? I am worried about the lack of Blue response to this.

Screenshot below of what it caught:

Blizz, please let us know if this is actually safe or not, or at least an error on your part. Info would be very nice.
Disabling my protection to download a virus isn't much of a solution...

Blue response???
Yea I had the same problem, I found disabling my Sonar for 15 min worked out.
Same problem here
I have the exact same problem. Can't log in or patch.
Blue? Are you guys all on a 5 hour coffee break?
Follow this link ->

WoW agent response is #18.

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