[A-25] The Old Guard 8/8H Looking For More

Earthen Ring
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Updated with our Magmaw 25H kill.

I wish you guys needed a prot pally. Bump anyways.

We have some classes we are specifically looking for but we will always look at any serious candidates. Create an alliance alt and feel free to ask any of our officers any questions you may have.

will do
Come and raid with us! Visit new and interesting locations, take in all that BWD and BoT have to offer, dine at some of the finest establishments our raid leaders bags have to offer, and even take home a souvenir or two.
If you like watching rogues go for lava baths when they should be stabbing worms, OG is for you! If you don't like watching rogues take lava baths, well, wtf, who doesn't like seeing a rogue burn alive?

Also, we don't mind if you stand in fire as long as your gnome killing skill is pro.
yes yes come and get some fun with us :)
Bump for my old friends Rorix, Nomegar, and Tini.

Hi, my name is Aristonike and I approve of this message!
Updated with our new Maloriak 25H kill.
I don't burn. I tan.
App now while there is still room! Don't miss out on our interesting, Saturday night, gchat discussions.

Let's just say the answer to "Got Milk?" is definately yes in OG.
Updated to 6/13 with our Valiona & Theralion 25H kill.
Bump for 7/13 with Heroic Conclave dead
A bump for that cute little gnome Martini :)
C'mon! If you are a good player with a good attitude, put in an app! Firelands is coming!!!!!
bump, we got cookies and male gnome strippers!
....and a fairly respectable totem forest
Qadira = smelliest night elf ever, true or false?

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