[A-25] The Old Guard 8/8H Looking For More

Earthen Ring
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Bump for fun, relaxed, excellent raids that progress with a very easy 3 night a week 3 hour per raid schedule.
See all the content, and have a life!
Downed Ragnaros in 25 man mode before the hotfixes. Updated classes we are looking for.
Updated for downing a neutered Shannox 25H.
Update for 25H Lord Rhyolith kill.
A big congrats to our shadow priest Rydias who completed the legendary Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest on Thursday evening.
Grats to Rydias of the Old Guard who completed Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest tonight! Very nice ceremony by Blizzard!
Updated for current recruitment needs.
I'm back into raiding, who wants to raid with me?
Updated with new Alysrazor 25H kill. Still looking for more!
This guild is better then a bus full of M.I.T. Graduate High Class Underwear Supermodels.
This guild is serious fun to raid with!

Get with The O.G!
Bump! Join us! Help us finish up Heroic Firelands!!!

Join us!
Join US! The gnomes are food, and the dwarves kill you for laughs!
Bump! We need all types of DPS!
Bump for Raiders!
Gnomes are more than food, they are friends, tasty but friends :P
Bump! Want more raiders for Dragon Soul!
Bump Again, but this time because nanako told me he'd brainwash tini into singing on vent if we get more raiders, and there's nothing I want more now.

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