[A-25] The Old Guard 8/8H Looking For More

Earthen Ring
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Congratulations to Moxii for what we think may be the server first legendary daggers, Fangs of the Father.
Congratulations Moxii. :D
25 Man End-Game Raiding: If you think things can't get worse it's probably only because you lack sufficient imagination. <The Old Guard> is now seeking quality applicants to join our raid roster. Check us out at www.lesgrognards.net!
Updated the classes we are looking for.
bump i heard we also have a very sexy Puerto Rican warrior with a new york accent
Updated with Hagara 25H kill and new spec needs!
We managed to achieve the 688k raid dps min for getting Ultraxion 25H down!
Congrats on the 25M hard mode Ultraxion!
Updated for our Heroic Yor'shaj kill. Still stubborn and glasschewing 25H DS! Looking for feral or balance druids...
You're welcome for over-sleeping. Seriously, 90% of first kills in any guild I've been in happened when I wasn't there :)
Grats brohemoths.
Grats on Yor'sahj!

E: Shanudis beat me to it. :(
Expanded DPS classes we are looking for... Contact us if you are interested. Gnomes are standing by!
25 Man raiding ftw!
Updated for our 25H Warlord Zon'ozz kill... Still looking for some more!

Moar druids please.

Seeking range dps and healers!!
Our 25 mans are still running on progression content but we need a few more to solidify our roster to handle scheduled absences. Take a look or ask questions if you have any interest... Gnomes are standing by!
Updated for Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn 25H kill! Still looking for more!
Woot Woot

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