[A-25] The Old Guard 8/8H Looking For More

Earthen Ring
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Grats!!! Get dat 25 heroic madness kill >=D
Hopefully, if we can still keep 25 mans running.!
Still looking for more so we can finish out DS 25H!
Updated our recruitment needs. Still looking for DPS, even rogues!
Hey I'm looking for a new guild. I've been pvping for the last few months and wouldn't mind getting back into raiding. bakerx369@gmail.com add me so we can chat.
We're super nice, promise :P
If Glowpeezy is part of the Old Guard, they are indeed, super nice.
I am interested... Kilee sent me. :)
Hey Steady,

Head over to http://lesgrognards.net and fill out an application. You can also catch me on my alts Rhanstifa and Takiwa during the weekends. Also you can contact Moxii, Naterra, Nanako, Nomegar, Arcadien, Rydias, or Devlar to help with the application. Midnitini will be back around later too.

If you register on the guild website, I'll send you a PM, and we can chat more. :D
We are still clearing DS 25 Heroic first 6 every week but we still need more DPS so we can finish out Spine and Madness. Come to our website and take a look!
Still looking for more!
Grats on the kill, best of luck in Mists!
Thanks Baultan

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