Pet intervene Macro

Hi, I stumbled across the idea of making a macro that would use the spell intervene in the tenacity pet branch on my focus target. Unfortunately, by using it today, I realised that nefarian was killing my tenacity pet because of the 100% damage reflection or nearly killing him. So, I though I could script the macro to cast the spell Cower (damage reduction one) just before intervening my focused target ( set focus). But it doesn't work well... so far, my pet only casts Cower and nothing happens about intervene. Here is what it actually looks like:

/cast cower
/cast[@focus,help][help][@pet,exists] intervene

Thanks for your help, anywho you may be,
Alright, now I feel dumb. By rereading my post for mistakes I saw that my second macro's line was missing a space and now it works perfectly, I leave the post here if anyone wanna use the macro.

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