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I accidentally deleted a macro to call pet 4 and show tool tip of the pet icon not the cp icon. I can't find it on google where I got it originally.

If anyone knows please post it.

the macro dismissed current pet if there was a pet if no pet out then it called pet 4 and showed
the pet in slot 4 instead of the whissle icon for call pet in the tooltip.

thanks in advance.
#showtooltip Call Pet 4
/cast Call Pet 4
did you say the icon was the pet's icon? how do you do this ive been looking forever
if you open up the whistle you can drag the pet icons to hotkey and when you hit that hot key say you have a cat it will call the cat and have the cats pciture there just drag and drop from the whistle
/cast [mod]Revive Pet; [@pet,dead]Revive Pet; [nopet]Call Pet 1; [button:2] Dismiss Pet; Revive Pet [pet]Mend Pet

Does everything u can think of for your pet, just change Call pet 1 to 4, right click with pet out mends pet, when died ress's, left click dismiss's with pet out and summons when pet is not at your side

With patch 4.3 they added tons and tons of new macro. Icons do they not have a turtle icon there?

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